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I was diagagnosed with ovarian peritol cancer three and half years ago. I had a radical hysterectomy and chemo with taxol and carboplatin and platnim. for the past 10 months my ca125 has been flucuating and it has now reached 175. all my cat scans come back negative. my most recent one was done last wednesday and was also negative but my blood test went up to 175. my doctor may now send me for an mri and I dont know what else. can someone who has had the same experience tell me what else to expect? do you know what the treatments are if they do find cancer. Is it more chemo or more surgery and what is the survival rate this time. I was in stage 111 when they first discovered that I had cancer.any help would be appreciated. thanks

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I don't have any experience other than my own battle with stage IV Ovarian Cancer since March this year, but I wish you all the best and keep fighting the good fight, it is worth it!

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