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DCIS Newly Diagnosed

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I am newly diagnosed with DCIS. The treatment (mastectomy, breast reconstruction, etc.) is so drastic for something that I'm told is pre-cancerous and good since it was caught so early. I had 5 cancerous of 6 biopsy sites (2 masses and 4 cluster microcalcifications). Both breast are affected. Can anyone identify with me and give me some hope. I'm so afraid right now. I can't imagine in anyway having my breast removed.

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Hi! Welcome to this site. You'll get alot of help and love from all the ladies here! We've all been thru or are going thru the same thing! I was Dx. with DCIS in July 2000. I had a lumpectomy then a mastectomy with reconstruction. I'll tell you know, I never thought I'd have to go thru anything like this! It's not a good experience but I've learned alot about how strong I really am. I'm glad I had the mastectomy rather than rely on the radiation to get rid of any left over cells. It's a drastic step but I felt very comfortable with my decision. I only had 1 breast involved so I never thought about having both removed.The 1 good thing about having a mastectomy with DCIS is that you don't need radiation(chemo either!)It's a scarey time but we're here to help you through! Please feel free to e-mail me here or at RPT1206@aol.com. with any questions or concerns you may have. Good luck! HUGS!! Cathy

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Cathy, thanks for your insight. Everyone that has responded so far, tells me that I'll get through this. I am sure that somehow I'll find the strength to stop the crying and make a good decision for myself. I laugh a little because it not like I have these really beautiful, perky breast anyway. But right now I'm trying to get past the crying. I'm having a really big pity party for myself. How did you get past the crying or I'm just over-reacting? Did it help you to tell your friends? In a way I want to but I don't want them to think I'm looking for sympathy. Thanks again.

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Hi Stillgood...I was Dxd with DCIS in 12/01 and have had a couple lumpectomy surgeries, one breast only. My margins came out clear this last time. I know EXACTLY how you fee about being afraid. I just knew I was doomed...but wasn't. This isn't a death sentence. One thing for sure...get copies of your medical reports. Then educate yourself. The other great thing is this website...there are alot of great women out here who have "been there, done that, moved on" and are wonderfully supportive. Keep in touch.

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The reason mastectomy was presented to you is because of so many cancerous sites - a lumpectomy probably wouldn't be possible. But do get another opinion not from the doctor's friend but another institution not connected to the first.

Yes, we all can empathize with your feelings - just take one step at a time and you'll get through it as we also did.

Thinking of you,

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Jean, thanks so much for sharing with me. I am sure that I'll get past all of this like all of you have done. All you ladies sound so strong and confident about your DCIS and the choices that you made. I hope it doesn't take me to long to get to that place. One step at a time. Right now I'm stuck on the crying and feeling sorry for myself step. I see the surgeon and the cancer center's team on 6/26. I'll know more then. Thanks for thoughts.


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Thanks so much for your help. You are right, everyone has been just so helpful on this website. Showing me for sure that this DCIS is not a death sentence. Just a new way of living my life. I am hopeful that I'll be able to look back on this and give another person some hope. Thanks again. I'll keep in touch

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Hi, dear I am a BC survivor myself and just 2 weeks ago my daughter-in-law had one breast removed and a tram flap reconstruction with a plastic surgeon. She is so pleased. What had happened is she has DCIS and had small breasts and the DCIS was right under her nipple which is a large nipple. Now, he said he would try to get clean margins, all she really needed was a lumpectomy, but because of the size of her breast, taking out that much tissue, he told her her breast would look out of shape. So, she opted for the mast with recon at the same time. I can tell you her breast looks just like the other one, nipple to be added later. So, remember, you are in no danger or your life. This is primary, you are not like most of us your cancer is not invasive. BUT, with calcifications, you will have them calling you back and driving you crazy forever each time you have a mammo in coming years. If you have the masts, you will not have the constant "oh dear" with every radiologist. Please, try not to be afraid, this is unbelievable but it does happen. You are NOT in danger of your life, so this is just a nasty bump in the road. Hang in there and know your sisters are with you and God loves you, hugs & kisses, Shirlann

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Welcome to this site, it will be of great help to you for support.
I had a mastectomy in 98,6 month of chemo, then tram flap reconstruction in 99, all went well. This year I was dx with DCIS in the other breast, just 1 small lump, had lumpectomy,34 radiation treatments and now 6 month of chemo. I chose to go this route having had cancer before in the other breast.Had my 3 chemo treatment yesterday. Yes it is very scary, but I feel the more you know about this disease the better you can make your decision for treatment.We all can identify with you one way or another.I am doinf fine, you have to think positive . If you want to ask me questions you can e-mail me at charmin@froggernet.com
Hope this helps you a little, we are all here for you. God bless you, take care. Love Emmi

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Sorry to hear about your diagnoses. Its a rough road but hang in there, you will find alot of support on this site,the women are wonderful. I had a mastectomy and now am now doing reconstruction. Its better to get rid of the cancer cells . Reconstruction is amazing..you will be in my prayers . best of luck to you . God Bless, karin

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Hi I was diagnosed with DCIS at the beginning of March this year. I don't consider DCIS as pre anything. To be brutal IT IS CANCER and has to be treated as such. My surgeons also recomended mastectomy and reconstruction although in my case it was only the right breast. After seeking three opinions,all saying much the same thing, I decided to go ahead. One advantage to such seemingly drastic treatment was the fact that I was spared chemo and radio therapy. I had my op. on the 27th of March and haven't looked back since. It was the best decision I could have made.I feel great and am almost totally back to normal. The only things I don't do yet are abdominal type exorcises and vacuuming, what a shame!
I know every case is different but please follow what you want and feel is best for you.
Hope this helps

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Hi. I had DCIS diagnosed last fall;mastectomies/reconstruction 11/01 and nipple reconstruction last month. I know what you mean about it seeming like a drastic and extreme treatment. As I understand DCIS, those ARE cancer cells that have not yet grown through or outside the ducts. My docs have said "pre-invasive" is a better term. I wish there had been easier options for treatment but I haven't regretted my decision and the reconstruction looks pretty darn good. The surgeries are tough but it's sure a good feeling to know that there is no cancer left ib there. Stay positive. This is a great site with some really amazing women who have all been fighting the battle. If I can help, please e-mail me here. I'll be thinking of you. Julie

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I received the same diagnosis in October 2001 and had a bilateral mastectomy in November with immediate reconstruction. I, too, was horrified with the treatment, but after talking to many doctors and others I made the decision that was right for me.

Trust me, you have an inner strength that will take you through this along with support from the medical community and others.

My permanent implants were put in two weeks ago. My surgical oncologist gave me a clean bill of health after six months. I am pleased with all the results. I've met amazing people along the way and for this I am thankful.

I will be happy to talk with you more. You can email me at nsmeltze@columbus.rr.com if you would like.

Good luck and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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I was dx'd with DCIS and LCIS last Sept. I too was absolutely shocked at the drastic measures recommended to get rid of the cancer. After several attempts to get clean margins, I opted for a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. I am relieved that I do not have to worry (much) about re-occurance. My oncologist gave me a 98% cure rate at my last visit. If I had continued to persue lumpectomy and radiation, the cure rate was only 50%. You will be amazed at the amount of strength you have to get through this ordeal. Ask for help, involve the people that you love and trust and by all means CRY, CRY, CRY! I found that getting all my anger, fear and hurt out of my system was the best medicine.
Please keep us posted and let us know how you are doing. Please let me know if you need info on reconstruction options or just need a shoulder to cry on!
I will be praying for you!

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Dear StillGood
Just know you are not alone..none of us here could have ever imagined losing a breast..much less two.. but i look at it like this.. a boob is a small price to pay for your life..and it is better than losing an arm or leg.or your site or your hearing.. acually it was not even as bad as losing my hair.. lol.. but each one is different..and the decision is ultimalely up to you... I did reconstruciton at same time as mastomomy and regret it everyday since... for i have had a recurrance in the same site and lost the reconstruction 5 weeks after I had it... but that is rare I have heard.
well anyway, i wish you the best of luck and may God Bless.. email me anytime you want to tak more ribbitfrog13@icqmail.com

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I only had a lumpectomy, so can't really relate to what you must be feeling, but wanted to tell you about a conversation my husband & I had before my surgery. I asked him what he would think if I had to have the breast removed. He asked, "Well, you'd still be you, wouldn't you?" I said, "Yes." So he said, "Then what's the problem." For me, that was enough...for someone to acknowledge that Cyndi as a person would not change just because a part was missing. There are so many wonderful women here who can relate to you. Come to the site often, and write often when you're scared. There's always help here. Best wishes and lots of prayers to you....Cyndi

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