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apply for ssi?off work from pain and fatigue

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what do you do when you have a load of symptoms post chemo and still not able to return to work?im at 6 months off now. do i apply for ssi?

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I don't know the answer to that but I am checking with my supervisor. If she gets back to me tonight, I will tell you what she says. Mary20

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Just wanted to let you know that I was out of work for 4 months for surgery and treatment, I just got approved for Social Security/Disability Fri before I went back to work. (This is my first week back.) When I told him I was about to go back he said that would complicate things...apparently these are their rules...you have to be out of work 5 months to start drawing, but they will back your benifits up back from your last day of work...and if you return to work within a year, full time, you have to repay your benefits. So I was unable to draw even though I was approved. If you are planning on being out another 6 months go for it.
Good Luck,

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Hi, just read your message re: ssi, I had applied in 1998 when I had my first BC, was turned down.They said my illness would have to be terminal. It was a waste of time for me and the doctors for all the paperwork. Now I am out again. Have been off 3 month so far. Just courious. Emmi

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You do all the appling you can to get what you need during this time. I also urge you to continue to stay on top of things and get the pains addressed to your satisfaction not the doctors.
They do know now after all this time and chemo treatments what the side affects are. Isn't it funny no one really talks about them till you have symptoms of them and then it seems to be quite a surprise when in fact I think they just hope for the best sometimes. I think it is very important that you get the support you need financial and otherwise, to help continue with quality to your life.
Be good to yourself and take the time you need because we only going around once. Everyone is different and sometimes doctors need reminding of this. I find using words like needing Quality for my life are words that they hear.
Good luck in your search and appling.

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