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Colon Cancer lll... What treatments have been successful

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One month ago I drove my father for his first Colonoscopy at 65 (years young), He had symptoms, but we just thought it may be a polyp... But while I was waiting for him I was at the beach and The GI called me on my cell phone to BLUNTLY let me know my father has colon cancer! I fainted! I rushed to the hospital which was only about 5 minutes away. I was hysterical, finally the Dr. told me that it seems to be in early stages but because of his defibrillator (heart monitor) They cannot operate until we get several clearances. To make a long story short, I found the BEST surgeon, and cardiologist and his internist it took 2 weeks to get the surgery. It was the scariest time in my life. Then I found the best oncologist in my state. Once the cancer was removed it did penetrate through the walls and 2 spots in his nodes were found, though the nodes were removed too!

The oncologist asked if we would like to participate in a trial which would be the standard F5/U & Lucvorin with Oxiaplatin.

I really need to hear from some others who are familiar with this trial, my research seems it is harder on the patient Vs the standard f5u/LV. Please tell me some success stories. Please if you have had the F5-U/LV I would really like to hear from you.
Oxiaplatin seems to be successful with tumors, and mestised cancer. But there are very little studies for Stage III. I do not want to put my Daddy through any rigorous treatment if not necessary? Please advise I only have 2 weeks before he starts treatment, and I want to know as much as possible! My Daddy means the world to me!

God Bless you all

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Hi luckysparky, I had stage three colon with six of thirteen glands involved and max aggression. I had two months of 5FU and leucovorin, unfortunately I reacted badly with severe dihorreah and went onto weekly infusions of 5FU and levamisol,an older drug considered slightly less successful than leucovorin. I was on that for around nine months. I was operated on in Jan 1998,so I have been disease free for four and a half years. All my scans have been clear and blood counts and x-rays normal. There is hope so don't give up . Best wishes to your Dad and you Ron.

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Ron, you have given me a ray of hope, Bless you!

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So sorry about your father. I can understand the fear. I was Stage III with 2 lymph pos too. Has it metastisized? Did they remove all the cancer?

I cannot help you in your question but only to encourage you to continue your researching your options. I have been cancer free for 10 months having not done the chemo. I would be very careful if I were your father deciding to be a medical guinea pig. There are alternatives. A good book to read is Questioning Chemo by Dr. Ralph Moss who was involved with Sloan Ketterling. He has a website too: cancerdecisions.com I found it very informative.

Hope it goes well for your father.

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Thank you for the info. Yes I did not do the trial. As far as I know it has not metastisized. But he just did the f5u/lv and so far so good. Thak you for the info and I will check out the website! God Bless

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I had Colon Cancer and took chemo F5U/LV it made so sick I wanted to die. I lost 65 pounds while on this this treatment.

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How long were you on the F5U/LV before it made you sick? And are you cancer free, now? I hope so :) My father has had 2 treatments so far and (knock on wood) he really is ok, even active? Please let me know what option you have chosen.

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I had 5FU delivered via cathater in my chest, 24 hrs/day for 6 months. Nothing significant except fatigue and weight loss. I bought lavamisole (spelling) tablets from the farm supply store to ingest also. My oncologist said it was the same chemo but under a different name. It was sheep worming medicine! Yuk. Did not enjoy it but I am still alive and well after almost 7 years. I was told I was either going to be killed or cured. I was quietly determined to take my medicine and get better. Biggest problem was the sepsis I got THREE times from my catheter which was left in my chest for one year following end ot treatment because I was "high risk". Oh, I also have a colostomy that I irrigate daily with no problems. bergy_1999@yahoo.com

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