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fatigue after chemo and rad

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i still have not been able to pull an 8 hour day at home, let alone go back to work full time! has anyone else been off this long 5 months after chemo and three and half after radiation?

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Everyone is different. Be patient. I always suggest getting your thyroid checked ... mine tured out to be low and when I got that straighted out I had a lot more energy, less aches, better focus and consentration. Chemo and radiation is tough stuff to get over but if you don't feel like you should still feel bad it could be other things ... can't hurt to check it out. Good Luck Jamie PS Are you taking Tamoxifen ... as you may have read ... we all feel fatigue from that!

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no tamoxifen iwas on femara but stopped taking it found out it wasn't good for me because my est was neg. the oncologist said my thyroid was enlarged on my last visit but he didn't say why or what or when about it. i guess i should ask about it

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One has to remember it takes everything we have to get through this. I was well over a year before I had pain controlled and I was able to cope with all one has to do in a day. I went back even though I wasn't feeling my best and a couple years later battling more pain and fatigue. The best thing I did for myself was stop work and consintrate on my health. Maybe this time I can go back to work and succeed finally past the hurdles in my life.
Take good care of yourself, mind, body and spirit and renew yourself and grow to good health and livelyhood. We shouldn't always be struggling for quality to our lives.
I know one can move forward so there is hope.
Take good care of yourself,

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Im curious how long fatigue lasts after chemo ends. Can anyone give me an idea?


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My ono told me from the last day of treatment it will take a year to recover from it.  So I finished A/C and thought yippie.  Nope, I am now on a year of Herceptin infussions for one year.  He told me today, it will be a year after the last one.  


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i just marked one year post-chemo and am finally feeling my energy returning.  By 8-9 pm I would crash every night!! There seemed to be no end.  This is slowly getting better.  On a side note, I do have terrible joint aches & all that fun stuff that goes along with medical menopause; I try to keep these as separate side effects.  In my experience, the one year is a good baseline for emerging from fatigue. My best wishes for your continued recovery.  

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It's 8 months since my last chemo infusion and I still have an occasional bad day when it feels like all my energy leaked out. Everybody's on their own timetable; it may take longer for you than for others.  Exercise helps.

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