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Need information--CT scan results today.

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Had my left upper lobe removed on 4/8/02. Cancer was stage 1, had no radiation or chemo. CT scan last week was to check another nodule in right lung that was too small to diagnose and to keep an eye on it. That nodule is still there and looks the same, but another nodule was found, it's 2 cm. Anyone heard the term pleural base nodule?? I'm now waiting to be scheduled for a PET scan. I can't believe this is happening to me again.
Never smoked and was surprised I had lung cancer. I also had breast cancer surgery on Jan 14, 2002. Had a lumpectomy with 6 weeks of radiation.
Please let me know about pleural nodule. Thank you for your help and please keep me in your prayers.

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I too had my left upper lobe removed, had stage 1 cancer with no chemo or radiation. Sorry I dont know of pleural nodule. Have you tried the mayo clinic website or also maybe john's hopkins website.

Was your breast cancer on the left side or right side? Was it in any lymph nodes?

Good Luck to you and keep optimistic, that really does help.

If you want to talk my email address is nbb@modempool.com.


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I will certainly keep you in my prayers, but I can't answer your question. Waiting for results is VERY STRESSFUL.

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My computer crashed for a week, but I'm back and just saw your message. You hang in there and keep going! I too have some "glitches" on the other lung that "we'll keep and eye on", but I'm just glad I'm here. I love my ativan for stresses like that, and will not go for a test without one.

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