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Radiation Side Effects?

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I had a lumpectomy 3-26 (no surgery for lumph nodes)and followed by six weeks of radiation. I did burn during the radiation but that is now healed. Radiation completed about a week ago and now I am pretty sore under my arm - like someone punched me in the ribs. I cannot sleep on my left side at all. The incision was on the left side of my breast so the boost was on the left side as well. Does this sound familiar to anybody and if so how long does it last.

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Yes, I felt like I had gone 15 rounds with Muhammed Ali when they were done with me. I can't remember exactly how long it lasted, but I don't remember it being a particularly long recovery time. Try ice packs and advil. And take it easy ... you just finished treatment ... no reason to push yourself. Be good to your body!!! Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery ... hugs, angie

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Hi, I to felt like that,it may have taken 3-4 weeks before this pain subsided. I agree with angie, ice and advil helped. Give it time, it will go away.Take care of yourself.
Love Emmi

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Oh yes, and how! I am one of the oldest gals, 66, and had my radiation 3 yeas ago. I have costochondritis, which is an inflammation of the tissue between the ribs and the chest wall due to rads. Don't worry, it is not serious and should go away. Try an anti-inflammatory like Alleve. PS, I still have a hard time sleeping on that side! But I am old, you will do much better. Hugs & kisses from your sister, Shirlann

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I just read all of your responses and I am more confused than ever. I just met with the radiologist and she assured me that there are minimal side effects. I specifically asked about the tenderness, and she says it never happens. Why is it the the doctors seem to be so out of touch with what all of you are experiencing?

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I guess some doctors just LIE to get us through this.A few months after radiation, I had a lot of pain in my breast -stabbing pains - both oncologist and surgeon said it was NORMAL aftr radiation. Then the lower half of my breast developed a hard ridge - since softened again but not as before rads -and the surgeon said - Yes, very TYPICAL!

Now I don't get the stabbing pains anymore but if I were to do a breast exam which I did recently, the whole breast is still very tender. I see the onco last week of June for the next three month follow-up.

Go into this optimistically - we all lived through it!!!

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I wonder too. But of course, if they told us all the things, we would probably say no, and really with the statistics so bad, 35% more recurrence without rads, we just need to do it. Truly, though, most people have no problems, I complain, but I work everyday, excercise and I am still here, it is just annoying to have pains when I didn't have them before. But you can't expect to get through this without a scratch, I guess, Hugs, Shirlann

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My radiation oncologist denies any side effects from the treatment as well. My surgeon does shoot straight. It is certainly not unbearable pain, but I need to know it is normal so I don't worry and the docs don't seem to get that. Maybe they are worried about law suits? I don't know but it is frustrating. I also check this site a lot and listen to others who have been there. that is the most comforting for me and you know what else? Doctors don't know everything Hang in there.

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Hi...sounds very familiar! Mine was on the right, & I did have 2 nodes removed. I always tell people it feels like someone hit me with a baseball bat. The surgeon said a lot of it is nerves trying to regenerate, as well as the radiation effects. I had surgery September 10th, and finished rad Nov. 16th, and it is much less frequent....finally! It still happens if I stretch a lot & do my aerobics, and the onc said that is normal. So, for me, it has subsided a lot after about 7 months, but still flares up once in awhile. Best wishes...Cyndi

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