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felt bad

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Hi all. Have had a bad day. Have been sick most of the day. And of all days. My daughters birthday was today. She turned 11 today. It's hard to tell an 11 tr old on her birthday that you feel like crap. This disease makes me so mad. Sorry just had to get this off my chest. thanks for listening Judy

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Hi Judy,

So sorry to hear that you had a really bad day when you must have wanted to give your time today to your daughter. But I think kids are very mature when necessary and I'm sure she understands as much as she can at her age. Give her a BIG belated birthday hug from me - sending one to you too!

I think I told you in a previous message about reading that xeloda could be reduced in dosage if side effects got really bad - outcome seemed to be the same. Ask your doctor.

Keeping you in my thoughts.

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Hi Judy! So sorry to hear you are having a bad day!!! Especially on your daughters birthday. I bet she understands alot more than you realize. I'm sure she just wants you to feel better in the long run so you can spend alot more birthdays with her!!! I know it's tough. I struggled all through my tx to make it to ballgames, chorus concerts, field days at school, etc. I always felt guilty on the days I just couldn't make it, but my kids understood and knew I would be there the second I started feeling better. They also knew that my heart was in it even when my body wasn't. I'm sure your daughter knows that too. Hang in there, stay strong. My prayers are with you, hugs, angie

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I think you are amazing acknowledging he birthday. We know how important Birthdays can be for our children but somethings just have to come before a birthday. I am sorry your so sad when I think at a time like this we should be concentrating on all the things we have done in our condition. I know it is hard to do, but the amazement comes with meating each day head on, with all we are faced with.
Be good to yourself,

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Hi Judy, sorry you felt bad on your daughters birthday, I am sure she understands a little bit. I hope the day will go better for you tomorrow, I wish you the best and will keep you in my prayers tonight. God bless you. Love Emmi

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Judy, sorry to hear about bad day. Its really hard on all of us,but let me tell you the kids seem to be sooo tough..I'm sure your daughter understands and she prays that her mom is feeling better soon..Wish you the best and God Bless..hope you are feeling better ..karin

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I know exactly how you feel. Because the lumpectomy must be repeated (margins are non-existent in two quadrants) and because of the danger of lymphodema, the doctors have forbid me to go to my son's graduation at Stanford. We live in rural Virginia and so would have to fly all the way across country; my blood pressure is also not stabilized yet - so they fear me fainting, especially sitting out in sun. I am devestated, as is my son. Especially since I also graduated from Stanford. But one of my wise Friends reminded me that what I am doing now will ensure that while I miss this family event, I will be around for many more. So I am trying to accept it ... but it is hard. The support here is wonderful, and I find great comfort in knowing I'm not alone - especially since I'm still housebound except to be chauffeured to the doctor.

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