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biopsy worries

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Hi all. This is my first message in the discussion group. One week ago I had a second mammogram and the radiologist insisted I have a biopsy as he detected microcalcifications. So I see the surgeon and he recommends I go to a different hospital for a core needle biopsy. So, they send my mammograms over and the hospital calls my surgeon back to say they can't do a core needle, so now I am going in to the original hospital with the original surgeon to have (I think) an excisional biopsy. I won't know until tomorrow morning what exactly I am having and why they couldn't do a core needle. Has this ever happened to anybody out there? I am driving myself crazy with what if's. Thank you! Marcia

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Hey Marcia! Of course, I have no idea why doctor's run us around like that ... but I will tell you this ... my oncologist and my surgeon both agree that a needle biopsy is NOT the way to go. They both say there is too much room for error. So, reading your situation, I would consider it a blessing that you are having the excisional biopsy. Perhaps they changed their minds about the needle b/c the 'place' is small and they are concerned they might miss something critical. Who knows?!? Anyway, good luck with it all. I will be saying a special prayer for you and wishing you all the best ... let us know how everything turns out!!!! hugs, angie

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Hi, Marcia, this is EXACTLY what happened to my daughter-in-law. She only had DCIS, which is non-invasive cancer, but they tried to get a core biopsy, couldn't and then did an open excisional. This is a piece of cake. Don't worry, sounds like you are getting very good medicine. The breast has very few nerves and the biopsy won't hurt hardly at all. I got up and went to lunch with my husband. They just used a local like a tooth filling. My daughter-in-law did well too. Try not to worry, we are all here for you and love you and welcome you. Maybe you will write us back and say B9! The nicest words in the language, next to "I found your car keys". Hugs and kisses, your sister, Shirlann

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Sounds like good medicin indeed, I had excisional biopsy, local anes., in and out within a couple of hours. This way they get more tissue. Best of luck and good wishes.Let us know how you make out. Love Emmi

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Hi Marcia,
I had microcalcifications and was told to get a needle biopsy. It was a nightmare. They couldn't get the needle into the right spot and after an hour of extreme pain, they gave up. The tissue they did get was inconclusive so I had to have an excision anyway. You are doing the right thing. go for the surgery where you can get the proper treatment.
good luck and keep up posted! I will be praying for the magic word - benign!

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Thanks Trina. I had it done this morning. No problem so far, but more waiting now. Will know next week Wednesday. I am glad now that I had the excisional. Lots of the ladies here said it is the best practice to know for sure. Thanks and prayers. Marcia

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