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New to the forum!

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My Dad, who just turned 60 yesterday, was diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer last October. His PSA was 33 and the cancer had metastisized to both hips, the lower spine, and some of his ribs. He started hormone therapy (daily pill and shot every 16 weeks), and his PSA dropped to 5.70 within 8 weeks. His pain in his right hip subsided and he began to walk w/o much of a limp! His last PSA went up to 6.75, and his pain has come back along with the limp. One doctor told him he had 1-3 years to live.....another said 3-5! Of course, we're trying to be optimistic, and shoot for the 3-5, but I'm very scared that things are starting to go downhill for him already! He just had another bone scan and x-rays and we are waiting for the results! The waiting is the hardest! I guess my question is......with this type of cancer, is it normal or common for PSA's to increase and decrease and for pain to come and go without the cancer actually getting worse? In other words, since my Dad's PSA has increased and the pain has come back, does that mean that the cancer is getting worse and spreading more? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!! Are there any other people here who have advanced prostate cancer who would be willing to give me more info? Thank you and GOD BLESS you all!

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Without a doubt, your best source of information is from your father's oncologist.
Suggest you sit down, write out all of the questions and concerns and what symptoms are expected and meet with your father's doctor. Possibly, sending him the list in advance would be helpful. I do not know any doctor worth his salt that will not honestly and clearly answer any / all questions as long as your dad has approved such.
Since advanced cancer takes on many different approaches, organs etc.. your fathers doctor/team is the best to answer.
God Bless and my prayers are with your dad and you.

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Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, and for the info! God Bless!

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I'm sorry to hear about your father. I am also in a similar situation myself. My Daddy was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Prostate Cancer. He had a score of 75.5 on his PSA and a 7 on the Gleeson Scale. His hasn't spread to his bones yet, but they say his cancer is advanced and possibly spread outside the prostate. The doctor only recommended one type of treatment for him and that was the hormone shots. He had his first shot last week. I would like to keep in touch with you so we can share the progress of our fathers with each other. If you would like to you can e-mail me at Carol468@surfbest.net.

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Thank you........I have sent you a personal email! I'd like to keep in touch!

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HI, Im sorry I didnt get your name, but I would really like to talk with you by email. My name is Dave, please email me at rapiddavid@yahoo.com Thank you. Dave

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