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nasal pharnyx surgery yes

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I had my first surgery for this cancer in 1976 I was 29 years old so yes there is definately surgery I know that for a fact I have had several recurrances and am now 55 years old my cancer began in my sinus and spread all over and than in 1986 I had major surgery this time 131/2 hours to remove 4cm of my cribriform plate and bone was grafted from my facial structure and muscle from my thigh, I have some short term memory problems from the last surgery but that was as a result of brain exposure and long time in or I had continued to work untilll 7 years ago when I retired due to a work injury. I have been followed by the American Institute of Pathology in Washington as they were the people who diag. me the first time due to it being so rare. I am well and a full time student at 55 if you need anymore info you can contact me at jerrikehoe@hotmail.com

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