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Newly disgnosed with acute leukemia

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I was diagnosed on Monday, 6-10-02. Scared about treatment protocol and outcome. I am 32yrs, mother of 2 children. My 12 year old son finished his cancer treatment for Ewings sarcoma excatly 1 year ago.

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Hi judie4,
I was diagnosed with AML-M3 9 months ago. I underwent 3 rounds of chemo and am now on maintenance. I went into remission after the second chemo, and I returned to work 2 1/2 months ago. Although I still work just part time, my fatigue is starting to improve. Best wishes, Lisa.

isabelle mosley
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Hi LISA, I'm new to AML. Iwas diagnosed two months ago. What is AML-M3 and maintenance.

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I was recently diagnosed with AML in June 2010. I am so curious as to how you are doing over time.

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Hi Judie, I was diagnosed with ALL in November 2001. I am just now finishing up with the liquid chemo and will then go on to a 2 yr maintenance (pill form chemo)--which is when i hope to go back to school (this sept). I hope everything goes well and please email me anytime. Danielle

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HI, my son, age 21 was disgnosed on May 30
with acute myeloid leukemia; aml,and has
already had one round of chemo, and is
very soon to have another round of 5 days.
He will ultimently get a stem cell trans-
plant, with his sister, age 23 as his
doner. Its all very risky; very scary,but
its all the choice we have. What type do
your have, and what treatment are they going
to do?

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I'm 13 and have ALL. I was scared too at first because at the time it was only 70% cureable. I know I'm a kid and cant help much but i know what ur going through. i had some many problems but the people at st.jude were very nice. All my friends were supportive in every way. dont be afraid. people are coming up with new things constantly. theres a thing called team in trainging for the leukenia and lymphoma society and they do marathons. my mom and i are doing it again this year to reaise money. i'm not runnging becaus ei cant but she is. look into it and u will see that more and more. I still have faith in my doctors so keep looking up no matter what u still have things to live for. i always had this quote stuck in my head, "to be alright u must think alright" just look forward to the end and it will come for u.

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chemocat, I love your outlook. my son has ALL and I am so happy to see someone going through what you are be in such a wonderful frame of mind. keep your head up, you will go far.

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Hey, How are you? My name is Alyssa, when I was two years old I was diagnoised with ALL. I am now an eleven year survivor and very proud, I want to help out, if you need some support, or just to talk to someone, lol I know I may only be thirteen years old, but I know a lot of stuff about ALL. If you need some help or advice.. email me back, or contact me at mintychick07@aol.com, I'll talk to you later, Bye.

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Hi! I was diagnosed with ALL 3/1/02 at 33 yrs of age. I'm glad to find someone my age! I had such severe neuropothy for a while that I couldn't get up the stairs to get on the computer.

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Dear Tiggertoo,

I was diagnosed with ALL on 12/26/01 at the age of 41. have been through the works - let me know how you are doing.


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Hi! I was diagnosed at the age of 41 with AML on 5/20/00; had a transplant, met my donor, going to Wisconsin in April to see her again, and am back to my old self. Please tell me how you are all doing.

bless you all,
Cathy, Newburgh, NY

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