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confused with diagnosis

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I have been diagnosed woth moderate squamous epithelial dysplasia (CIN II);acute and chronic cystic cervicitis, and benign endocervical glandular epithelium. I had a leep procedure performed and feel ok, but, my dr. says this is not cancer but when I look up CIN II, it often reads as if it is cancer????? Does anyone have any idea what all of this really means? I would greatly appreciate any info,thank you

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When I was diagnosed with Class II, and class IV displasia I was told that it was a pre-cancer. The cells could become cancerous. I recieved Negative paps after these for a year or so. Then the bomb was dropped-I had Cervical Cancer. I'm not saying that all class I-IV displasias go to cancer but I would definitely have paps every 6 months until I had a negative for 6 consectitve paps.

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