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New to Kidney Cancer but Growing Old Fast

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I was diagnosed with cancer of my right kidney in March of 2002. I was and was not shocked, believe it or not the Lord told me when the phone call came who it was and want he was going to say. God does prepare you for some things.

I have found out the same thing as all of you, this is a very hard cancer to treat. I love a good fight and that is what I plan to do fight.

I would like more information on this type of cancer when I look around the website. I would like to see it all in one place, survival stories and health information. If I can't I will do it myself, it seems to me that we all could help each other learn and grow together.

I would love to here for anyone about their experience. My Lord has not let me go through all of this for nothing and I believe he means for all of us to help not just ourselves but other people who are facing cancer without his love and guidance.

My email address is Creatinmea@aol.com. If you would like to write me I would love to hear from you.

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I was diagnosed with cancer of my right kidney in April, 1999. Like you, I held onto my faith with all I had. I don't know what stage you have or where you are in your treatment? I had stage I, which meant the cancer was contained within my kidney. I had my right kidney removed within 7 days of diagnoses. Since then I have check-ups every four months to insure that indeed there was no spread of cancer. I has forever changed my life. You go through stages, first terror, then anger, then depression and finally you come out the other side. I still fear cancer, every cough, sneeze, lump, you name it. I suppose it will take a long time to get over. I just had another check up and the Doc. found swollen lymph glands so once again I await test results.

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I was sent to the hospital 3/6/03 and told i had cancer of the Right kidney and was sent home then 3/11/03 i was back in the hospital and they removed my right kidney. I didn't have time for any of this to really sink in ,all i was in was shock like you i was told it was contained in the kidney stage 1 i believe even though they never told me. I was releasted from the hospital and the surgan did the follow-up one week later and told me i could be releast to go back to work 4/11/03. Well I didn't go back to work I don't know how to feel i cry and i am not a crying person which i mean to say is against my personiality but i cry . I can't do my house work as i am still in pain from surgery So how can i go back to a job where i have to tend to customers needs for 8 hours a night and lift bolts of fabric and i can't even take care of my own needs because i dont' know what is normal and what is not. I feel like they took my kidney and threw me away to sink or swim. So i ask you NOW WHAT am i loosing my mind, am i being a baby is this normal? I don't know. Is their no live chats?
If you want to e-mail me my address is katerria@yahoo.com

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