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recovery from surgery

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I am a 64 year old man and on Nov. 26, 2001, after being informed that a routine gastroscopy and biopsy of Barrett's changes in my lower esophagus had revealed adenocarcinoma of the esophagus at the esophageal-gastric junction, I was admitted to USC University Hospital (after a bunch of tests including coeliac angiography, stress ultra-sounds, blood work, intra-esophageal ultra-sound etc.) for esophagectomy. CAT Scans showed nothing useful. After undergoing the surgery, an en- bloc dissection and esophagectomy with stomach pull-up and 83(!) nodes removed, I developed a chylous leak. I had some other complications including atrial fibrillation, post-op collection of fluid in the mediastinum compressing my neo-esophagus and producing vomiting of my saliva, fevers and white counts up to 35,000. I was hopitalized for a total of 7 weeks and remained on the jejunostomy tube feedings at home for some time afterward. No chemo- or radiation therapy was indicated. I did have some mild post-op depression and did consult a psychiatrist for it. I am now tube-free (some six months after surgery) and am slowly adapting to my newly re-arranged GI tract, gaining weight by multiple oral feedings and slowly regaining my strength. Psychological outlook is not recovering as well as I expected. Since I have been asked to report for check-ups every three months I feel as if I only have three months at a time to live. I would love to contact others with CA of the esophagus in any stage, pre- or post-op and compare notes, outlook, anecdotes, etc. If you are interested please contact me at alsal@cox.net.

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know what you mean. it's been four years aug 27th since my surgery. don't give up hope and going forward.

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i would like to hear ur story if you would share it. my dad just had surgery on the 21st of feb.03 and we r waiting to hear about lymph node biopsy - they didn,t look bad but doc said microscopically could have leaked so... you can contact me at jenn_if_er1999@yahoo.com They think pending reports early stage. thanks

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Hello. I found the info on the recovery to be very interesting, I am recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and Barretts. Quite the combo deal! I am waiting to find out what options of treatment my doc will be giving me, he had to go out of town shortly after the biopsy so I get the wait and hold breath game. I'd like to hear more of what you all have been up to since last you wrote. Hope all is on the upswing,

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Hi, I'm a 52 yr old fe and was diagnosed Nov. 1, 2002 and referred to USC also. I have only two small lesions and 80 lymph nodes removed with no sign of envolvment. My course sounds alot like yours. Multiple tests and then the surgery. Esophectomy with stomach pull up. I developed pneumonia, then two fistulas. I was in the hospital 3 months and just have been home for two weeks. I have a spit fistula and am having a terrible time with nausea. The doctor says nothing can be done. It's because the sm part of the esophagus that was used is kinked and fluid collects causing pressure and a feeling of wretching. Do you have any suggestions? What are your feelings about your care at USC? Hope all is still going well for you. My e-mail address is jillmillerphn@hotmail.com

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