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Hi ... new to this group and have a question ....

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Hi all! I am a 4 year breast cancer survivor. I had a bone scan last year which showed a small mass in my ribs of unknown origin. I repeated the scan a couple weeks ago, and the spot is still there...a little larger, with a considerable increase in uptake. My oncologist has referred me to a chest surgeon for a bone resection. My evaluation is this Wednesday. Here's my question ... has anyone in this group had a bone resection (removing the piece of the rib in question), and if so, could you please give me some insight into the procedure and most especially the recovery time? Thanks so much ... angie

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might want to check with those of us over on the lung board as we sometimes have ribs removed as part of surgey. To compare recovery , one would need info on where incision will be made & how much of which ribs will be removed, Do ask about the need to have reconstruction surgery to reeepare those areas with missing bone, I have had no reconstruction and do have one very twisted torso - forunately I'm not a swimsuit model. In therapy to try to resolve soom of the issues, just glad I'm still here to complain about my crookedness.

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I would question that and get a second opinion. I was told that removal of a bone is very painful and when it is not the initial site it is more comanly radiated. Holly

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