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I'm overwhelmed with emotions.

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This past January 2002, my roommate wsa diagnosed with colon cancer. I'm going through some major depression about it whevever he has to go to chemo. This past chemo has been very tough on him, causing cramping and other problems. He's only 27 and it's just not fair. I can't seem to get over this feeling. Now I'm away at a seminar for a week and wish I was there to help him out. Does anyone have any insight on how I can be there for him, without taking so much guilt/burden on myself? Please advise.
Thank you.

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Dear Todd,
Phone calls, letters, anything that lets him know he's not forgotten.
My husband is cheered up when I find positive testimonies of cancer surviors. I print them out to show him when he comes home from work.
God Bless, you are a good and caring friend.

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