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hello, today is my one year anniversary of my dx and I had my first mammo since..What a day!!!!! First I think I had a heart attack this a.m. ,,i slept a total of 2 hours and went for my mammo, the waiting aged me some...lol..they did my mammo told me to wait (which seemed like forever and ever...)then the nurse came back and said those words I heard last year,,the radiologist wants another shot!!!!) it was awful, after the next picture I had to sit again,meanwhile thinking all the worse,and she came back and said"i'm happy to tell you this everything looks fine" wheeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! talk about STRESS!!!! I made it to my van and lost it, I cried all the way home!!! what a day !!! It actually been a rough day for me, just being sad again and happy,,don't really understand all my feelings I guess....I just thank god I'm here !!!Its so hard cause no one, unless you have been through it can understand the stress of all of this. It helps me alot to be able to write and get your responses. Thanks for your support. God Bless......Karin

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy things turned out well. i'm not in the clear yet but i understand about waiting aging you a bit. just going to get my last CT scan put me in a tizzy!!! God bless. Vicki

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Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Karin, I'm so happy and relieved for you! You made it there, had the mammo, got the results, and everything is a-ok!!! You have accomplished so much today! Congratulations! It took me 12 months just to make it there ... then another 6 to get out of the car and go again! You are awesome!!!! So glad you let us know the results! God bless you, Angie

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Congrats Karin,
That is wonderful news!! Everytime I go for a scan it makes me totally sick!! Keep smiling because you have a big reason to.

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Angie,thanks so much for your support. The support from this website has helped me in so many ways..Want to thank you again for your responses . God Bless ..Karin

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!So good to hear good news.

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Hi Kay
Same thing happened to me. I was so frightened whilst I sat there with a robe aroud my shoulders!!. It seemed like forever. Thinking of you Love Pippi

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Hi Karin! YEA!!!!!!! I am SO glad all is well!!! I didn't see your first post til today...haven't been on in a couple days. But, I felt every ounce of fear right with you. I just had my 1st mammo May 1st, and the anticipation was AWFUL!!!!! I don't worry about bloodwork...I guess cuz my onc does it every time I go in, I'm just used to it. But that 1st mammo.....UGH!! I had to wait til the next day for the call that it was normal, but I bawled like a baby!!! It's such a relief, isn't it? It's like the steam coming out of the pressure cooker. Oh, I am just so happy for you!!! You have a great weekend!! Love and hugs, Cyndi

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Congratulations, glad all is well. We all know what you mean by "nobody understands this stress unless you have been through it", that's why it is so nice to have this group. Enjoy, be happy. Love Emmi

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