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Hi everyone I have started on Femara. has anyone heard of this I have had bad reactions to Gemzar and to Xeloda and am running out of stuff to give me.hope this works or I'm doomed.

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Hi Judy,

I'm surprised your onco stopped the xeloda - you just started it, didn't you?

I did read on some reliable website that if xeloda caused too many side effects, the dose could be lowered without changing the benefits.

Femara is used after tamoxifen doesn't work anymore. What did your doctor say about direct chemo thru the hepatic artery - or radiotherapy - or freezing the tumor areas - all are used somewhere and maybe near you - please ask about these.

My thoughts are with you, Judy - prayers too and big hugs,

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i asked the asc they finally got back to me that it is a fairly new drug given mostly to post menopausal women after chemo. i was on it i got some hot flashes from it nothing real bad. hang in there and god bless

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I was taking Arimidex for the last year. Because of joint pain I was given a thirty day supply of Femara to try. Joint pain doesn't seem as severe, but I know nothing about Femara. Would appreciate your thoughts. So far just a few hot flashes w/Femara and no other side effects. Looking for a good word. Thanks and take good care.

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