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low blood counts post chemo

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I was just curious if any of you that has finished chemo and radiation if your blood count took a few months to return to "normal". I finished my rads one month ago and chemo in Feb. 22 and my counts are still low. I am getting a little frustrated because I work in hospital and want to return back to the floor. Plus, it just scares me knowing my count is low. You know, the "fear thing". Thanks you gals plenty. You are a wonderful bunch of women! God bless you all always.

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Hi! I just had my 4 year post dx check up and my counts were finally back to normal. They say it takes a long time for your body to recover from that poison! Hang in there ... it gets better ... it just takes time!!!! God bless you ... love, angie

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Hi, honey get thee a very good B complex. I have used Hep-Forte by Marlyn (ask any pharmacist to order it) because it is natural liver extract and not a chemical and doesn't make you constipated. It is a life saver. I have taken it for years. But on the other hand, you have been thru a physical and emotional hell that takes your body time to adjust to. Just because you are doing well, you need to be kind to yourself. Try the pills, I have taken them to up my blood count for golly, 44 years, now they also market them as a "fingernail improver", and "Hair Improver", so who knows what your bottle will say now. Hugs & kisses, Shirlann

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Yes it seems our immune systems take a **** kicking and some of us suffer low blood counts for sometime. I suggest trying to do things to help improve your immune system. Eating and drinking things that can help to strengthen your system. Exercise and nutrition help us to take some control over this.
Be good to yourself, try not to be hard on yourself, interesting how the way we talk to ourselves can help or hinder our successes.
Be good to yourself,
I drink shakes that help to boost immune system and take alternative product just to try and give myself a bit of help.

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