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what the heck is going ON??

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Hello ladies, I have a question. I started chemo 13 months ago. After my second treatment my monthy cycle completly stopped...I have not had a period in almost a year.. (hot flashes, night sweats the works blah blah) I am still on chemo and will be for another 3 months (so they tell me) but my hair has already returned and grown about 4 inches since Christmas, now my monthly period is trying to return. The Chemo is playing heck with it I think. I start my period and then have my weekly treatment and period comes to a screatchin halt, then in a few days it returns. This had been going on for the past month. has anyone else had this problem? should I be concerned? I mentioned it to my Dr last week and he said he was not a gynogolist... so now what?? I plan on asking my chemo nurses tomorrow, but any info anyone can provide may help me too.Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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Hi, Jerilyn, my periods stopped when I was on the chemo too and the oncologist told me to tell him if my periods came back after I finished the chemo. Well, they did and he told me to come in so he could give me a shot to make sure my periods don't come back. I'm sorry to say that I don't remember the name of the shot but I've been having it every 3 months for almost 2 years now. The doctor said I shouldn't have my periods anymore. I'm 44 years old now. Don't know if I've been of any help but I would ask another oncologist if I were you. Take care, Marie

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Marie, I am also 44..and I was not aware that we should not ever have periods again. Am I just not being properly informed by DR or what? I guess I need to nag him more... took me 4 months of nagging about pain before I finally got persribtion for it... Thanks for the info..Jerilyn

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I never got my periods back but my hair did start growing in when my chemo meds changed from AC to Taxotere. I was 43 then so my Oncologist didn't think my periods would come back. He said it depends on your age. If you are estrogen positive you will probably go on Tamoxifen and that messes with your cycles as well. My Gynocologist could tell I was finished with my periods when I had an exam. I think it is normal for the cycles to be messed up while taking all these drugs that effect cells and hormones. Good Luck Jamie

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Hello Jerilyn, I stopped my peroid after the second chemo and when chemo finished I went a few months then I got my period again,even with being on tamoxifen. Now I receive Lupron shots every three months and that has worked. So far no periods, the doctor wants my body not to produce any estrogen so this seems to be helping. Only side effect is major fatigue,not sure what to blame for that..lol..best of luck to you. god bless,,karin

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Aint this grand. I too had the period fun. Mine stopped 3rd chemo treatment after just loosing the locks of hair I had. New the chances of going into menapause state where there. I didn't have a period for sometime after my treatments ended think in radiation started to have one. They were all over the place. Lately didn't have one for months and then look out. Even had one that was 2 weeks long. Doctors tried things in the beginning but have to watch what they give.
Some doctors don't talk much about side affects because I think they think they scare people so nothing is said till you start bugging them about them.
Hang in there one day we will have none and hopefully few flashes.

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