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to luna20

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hiya! laugh at this!!.....when i had my first chemo my hair was almost to my waist (somewhere between the bottom of my shoulder blades and waist). it has been long ALL of my teen and adult life. i don't remember what i looked like with short hair when i was younger. now that i'm off chemo and know that my hair is going to start growing again, i had to get a short hair wig so i could start getting used to having really short hair!!!!! it's definitely going to take some getting used to. everyone else loves it. lol...lol...!!!!!! God bless. Vicki

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Quite a story I might add. I on the otherhand spent many months watching my hair grow back in and wonder where the old hair went. Everyday once it was full head I would look at myself and seriously not know that person. I looked like my father more than ever and to boot got his hair. So bladder cancer or not I just couldn't accept the hair thick like a brush and brown. I had been blonde my whole life. Less of coarse than my childhood days and gey starting in. Once I couldn't see myself I went and got a dye job like I had never had use to streak now and then. Now I see myself and am glad I do that much for me. It has made a difference in how I felt about myself. Had to come to terms with too many changes from my cancer and this one I just couldn't swallow.
Glad to hear you are doing what you need to do to be comfortable with yourself.
Be good out there,

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