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Hi all ..... I have a question ......

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Hey sisters! My onc called ... he said my CT scan results came back 'suspicious for malignancy'. He is sending me to a chest surgeon who is going to remove the 'place' from my rib bone to biopsy. Has anyone had this done? If so, can you give me some insight into the procedure and the recovery time. It doesn't sound like too much fun to me. My onc assures me it is a routine procedure that has been done on alot of women like myself. Thanks for your help!! hugs to all ... angie

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Hi Angie...I haven't had this done, but want to wish you the best, and lots of thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted with what's going on. Love and hugs, Cyndi

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Hi Cyndi, Thanks for your well wishes and prayers. I'll let you know whatever the outcome is. Crossing fingers in NC ... angie

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Wow to get a call at home letting you know what is going on, your doctor is incredible. That should give you some comfort in his care and abilities. I have never had the procedure but know many that have and they say it wasn't that bad. I think recovery time is quick a couple of days a week I think but like I said never had. You sure got one thing right angie, we are your SISTERS, and your always close to our hearts.
Hang in there my dear,
my thoughts are with you,

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Wow what a bedside manner that doctor has (not!!!)I would change oncologist. How would he like to go through a "routine procedure" when being told like that. I would not trust him. He obviously does not have your well being at heart & is treating you like a sympton or a disease rather than a whole person. There are better ones than him out there. I hope the "routine procedure" went well & is shown as benign.
Love & hugs

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