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Foot Pain Began 2 Years after Treatment

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Treatment for 2B ended August 1999. Severe Foot pain and foot cramping began February 2001. Same small area on both feet. Never had foot pain in my life. Change shoes, chairs, started swimming, been x-rayed, blood tests. Started with GP, referred to Podiatrist, on my routine visit 6/2001 to my Oncologist he checked my feet, Chiropractic visit. Absolutely no diagnosis. All Doctors can see the affected area but are stumped. The area reddens slightly, hurts like dickens, swells slightly then black and blues on BOTH feet. NO gout, NO arthritis, NO injury. I am quite healthy Yea!! Hurts always, sometimes severe. LEG cramps ceased 2 years ago. Foot pain started then. I am seeing reports about platinum based drugs(cisplatin was my chemo) and nerve damage in Cervical Cancer patients.. The reports sound similar to my case. I looked at the sites the webmaster gave me. 3 were unavailable for viewing. Two links talked about pain and nerve damage. I can't afford another round of Physician visits with no results. Anyone out there know of any help?

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I was wondering if you got any diagnosis.  I have heel pain in both heels.  I attributed this to a new medicine I was on for psoarisis but then saw you comments.

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I had stage 3A cervical cancer in 2014.  Treatment was radiation and chemo (cisplatin).  A month after treatment I started having severe foot cramps mostly at night.  During the day I would occassionally have calf cramps.  I mentioned this to my oncologist and he said it was probably from the chemo.  He told me to take 100 to 200 mg of vitamin B-6.  I was kind of leery of taking that high of a dose but I thought I would try it.  The B-6 worked great.  Almost two years later I still get foot cramps at night and when I do I reach in my night stand and take B-6.  When I mentioned the foot cramps that I get at night to my primary doctor, he said, "Oh my wife gets them from time to time, not much you can do.  Really!  I never had foot cramps before treatment.  I don't seem to have them as much now, but when I do they are severe and in both my feet at once. 

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Hi mamado!  Prior to having had cancer I would get severe foot and toe cramps but I can't imagine BOTH feet.  Yikes!  They were so bad I would wake up in the morning with sore muscles.  It is worse when it is cold weather than warm.  Never heard of the B6, but something I will keep in mind for the future.

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