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Ode to my Mother In-law

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This day seems rather odd to me. I was just about to phone my exhusband when the phone rang and it was him calling me. He didn't need to say another word for I knew his mother had passed on. She died peacefully with her loved ones by her side. It seems to have happened so quickly but that is just because I was kept in the dark for so long, no one wanting to tell me.
Just when you think things are coming around, long enough for you to gain your strength so you can meet something else head on. Even though we have been separated for 17 years or more my mother inlaw managed to stay close all these years, having her grandson it was very important to me. My son is unable to make the flight back east and since I am off already I will be able to make the flight back east to be there with my sisters in-law. It truly is the least that I can do for a woman who has been there for me over the years, loving her grandson. He is our reward.
May God walk with her hand in his for she will gladly welcome the freedom from her pain. May she finally have the peace in her life she so desperately needed.
Thanks for listening,
Tara ;0(

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Hi Tara - So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law and I hope your flight back east is a good and safe trip for you. May God be with your family at this time. Lucy

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Hi Tara. so sorry to hear of your lost. It sounds to me that both you and your mother-in law were luckly. You were luckly to have each other. May God go with you and the family now.Take care Judy

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Tara, sorry to hear of the passing of your mother-in-law. It is always so hard to say goodbye to someone you care for. She's at peace now with no pain or suffering. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Have a safe trip. We're thinking of you. HUGS!! Cathy

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You are truly a lucky woman, too often when parents seperate the in-laws also seperate. God bless you and I know He will watch over you on your trip. Take care and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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I think that is my second greatest accomplishment, the first being my son, was keeping my in-laws in our lives no matter what happened between me and the son. I vowed that the day I married their son, I was pregnant and many tears about whether what we were doing, marriage was the right thing. I met my mother in-law two days before our wedding day and loved her from the moment I met her. I will lover her forever more.
What Cancer Cannot Do

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It's so hard to lose a loved one...I lost my gran dmother a few weeks ago. Please know we are thinking of you and praying for you for safe travels, and for strength and peace in your grieving. She's in a much better place now, and as you said, free from pain. God bless, Cyndi

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Dear Tara I know it is a bit late but I have only just started catching up with everyone. I was so sorry to hear of your loss. I know you were concerned for her when she was diagnosed. It brings on painful memories of when we were first diagnosed I know but you can be strong enough to fight the fear again. Sometimes the light a tthe end of the tunnel is just another train coming but there is a life for us there. Try reading a book by Bernie Seagal called "Peace Love & HEaling" a truly wonderful book that has helped me turn this disease into a gift that has made me heal my life & I think is helping me to heal the cancer along the way.
I am thinking of you & hoping you can take strength from every adversity life throws at us.
Love & hugs

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