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double vision

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I am a breast cancer survivor. I am now experiencing double vision. Could it be from the Tamoxifin? I also take Vioxx. Has anyone had this problem?

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I am also a breast cancer and on Tamoxifen. I have heard from others and the Dr. that the Tamoxifen can affect your eyesight.I was told by my oncoligist to have my eyes tested regularly. So far I have not have a problem.. I would check with your Dr. and see what he or she has to say. Let us know how you make out.
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I am not experiencing double vision but I need glasses to read with all of a sudden. I am hoping my eyes get better with time but I will ask the doctor about it Wednesday.

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I've been taking tamoxifen for almost 5 yrs. The only side effects that I've experienced are weight gain (too much) and occasional hot flashes. I've had some vision changes, but I think that's due to the aging process. According to the print-out I received at the pharmacy with my prescription, vision changes should be PROMPTLY reported to your doctor.

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I'm not a Dr, but my sister-in-law got double vision from Viox...I would certainly see your Dr. to have it all checked out. Good luck, and let us know....Cyndi

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