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Question re breast cancer after lung cancer surgery.

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What is the probability of NSCLC (stage 2-B, resected 12-4-01 with one positive lymph node but not in mid chest) mestasticising to the breast on the same side? My recent mammogram indicated followup needed; possible small nodule. Going for the "big squeeze" tomorrow Any experience with this kind of mestastisis? Please reply. Thanks.

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I had breast cancer first, and later was diagnosed with lung cancer. Apparently they were unrelated, except that once you've had one cancer you have greater odds of another. Percentages are still with you that the breast is nothing. Let me know.

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I had breast cancer surgery in Jan. 02 and then lung cancer surgery in April 02. Both stage 1 and not related. The lung cancer was found in routine xray during breast cancer diagnosis. Hope everything turns out OK for you.

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Interested to know how it went - did the breast turn out to be nothing? Waiting for results of similiar situtation myself - would be opposite side of chest for me.

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