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Rectal Colon Cancer now possibly Spine Cancer

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My father is 66 and was diagnosed with rectal colon cancer 2 years ago. He underwent surgery and had a colostomy. He then underwent chemo which went well, but underwent radiation which burnt his penis and buttocks and matted half his upper and lower bowl. He had to undergo surgery to bypass the matted bowel. This was 14 months ago and he has been in pain since. Recently they have found something on an xray on his tailbone and say it is 90% cancer. They have doubled his morphine and within the last week has had high fever. Last night we took him to emergency for the pain and high fever, we were told there was no infection anywhere, his lungs and bloodwork is good, that it is related probably to the cancer. We are hoping it may be just radiation damage rather than the spread of cancer. Rectal colon cancer typically doesn't spread to bone. Anyone that could give us questions to ask or imput would really help. It seems nothing is being done except to cover the pain. Please help!

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