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finding my way

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Joined: May 2002

i am having a time finding my way around using this computer i hope everyone has a great holiday weekend on june 6 i will do my 4th chemo ihave been lucky ihave not gotten sick and i have been able to work i hope it keeps up best wishes laura

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Joined: Mar 2002

hi laura,
i'm sure you will get better at using
the computer after practicing a while. it's good to respond to other peoples messages, too! have a good night. eric

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ERIC, where have you been!! What is new with your significant other? Shirlann

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Joined: Mar 2002

well, even though i have gotten much help from you and others on this site, my main concern was to get laura involved. she is now, (thanks to the hospital for loaning her a computer). this particular site is , after all, for survivors themselves. i also was getting some "less than nice" comments from people like jeanmice (sp?). they thought i was making this whole thing up! well, what-ever..no hard feelings. laura's entries are now under "honeyb" . please extend your
gracious support to her as you have done with me! thank you! eric

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hiya, Laura!
i understand what you mean about "finding your way". the first time i found this site and posted a message i forgot how i got here. when i found my way back i had 8 responses!!!! i'm glad to hear your chemos have not made you sick. mine either but i haven't been able to return to work because i have a spot on my spine that makes it hard to sit or stand for long periods of time. hope you've had (or will have) a great day! God bless. Vicki

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