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thanks to all

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thanks to all of you. I am feeling much better today, but will have to go on a new chemo this comming week. they said if I could anymore of this kind it would more than likely kill me. I wanted you all to know my daughter had her baby this morning at 3:30. She weights 5lbs and 13ozs. She is so pretty. They named her Taylor Nichole. So I guess I had a great night after all. Thanks everyone Judy

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Hi Judy,
Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting for your daughter and you. I am glad they are taking care of you and maybe you will have the best of luck with this chemo. Keep your head up and think of the many years to come to play with your new baby grandaughter!! Even with all the bads that can happen to us the goods follow and outweigh!!

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Congratulations on your new granddaughter, glad all went well. Glad you are feeling better too. We were all pulling for you I am sure. Take care.
Love Emmi

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It sure seemed like a dark moment for you Judy, you were entitled to it. I am sorry you didn't get to go and be with your daughter, good thing you took care of yourself. You are very fortunate to have that new bundle of joy to help take your mind off of things. A new little girl to take up grandma's time. Congrats to you and your daughter, she made mom proud for sure.
Take the time, dump your mind on this board as you did. I know it makes me feel so much better to get the feelings out rather than dwell on them.
We are here for you always,

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hiya, Judy,

glad to hear you are feeling better. 5lbs 13oz???? mine came in at 9lbs 2oz!!! compared to him she must fit in a thimble. :) glad all is well. God bless. vicki

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Congratulations Grandma, What a wonderful gift enjoy her. I have one grandaughter and she was born in Aug.2001 and weighed 9 lbs. 11 ozs, I never thought being a grammy would be so much fun and she keeps me busy and I love it.
God Bless All Of You

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