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can i shave my head during chemo?

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after my 1st chemo almost all my hair came out, now i have few left and i don't like the way they look. they make me look like i am a sick person. Does anyone know if it's okay to shave my head right now? I am in my second chemo, and i don't know if i will harm my scalp or cut myself. Please advice. thanks guys.

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Hey there I have lost my hair 2 times already and am starting on my 3 time I guess. I have always shaved my head when it started to fall out. Go to a beauty shop and they will do it for you with clipers so you want get cut. Judy

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Had my second chemo yesterday, expect my hair to come out any time now, second time, will have my husband shave my head with clippers this weekend, got another wig. If you don't have clippers just go to the beautyparlor.Best wishes.It will be fine.Take care.

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Just make sure that you are in a stronger time--immuno-suppressive wise. Go get shaved when your blood counts are up, rather than down.

Beauty parlors are not always the most sanitary of places. I shaved my own head (After my family took turns using the clippers on me. If you ask me, they had entirely too much fun doing it! ) only towards the end of my cycle, when I was at my strongest, just in case I nicked myself.

I like to go bald and put temporary frog tatoos on my head.

I'm thinking of having an artist friend do a nice henna design on my scalp next week.

BTW. I LOVE being bald. I'm having chemo-induced menopause, so the sweat from the hot-flashes just whisks away, and everyone says that I look fabulous bald. I think wigs itch too much. And hats are sweaty. And scarves have to be retied all the time.


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I shaved my head for the same reason. I didn't use a razor though. My husband used his mustache trimmer thingy. It still left stubble but I didn't mind that. It looked alot better. Good luck. Angel

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Dear 3bears
They say BALD is beautiful..lol.. my husband did mine with his clippers that I use on him.... and I think he enjoyed it..!! MEN!! If you use a razor >try one of those fancy safety ones... I hated the wig I got-only wore it like 3 times...it is hot and itchy..(I live in TEXAS and was July and August where the average daily temps are 100+) . i wore either a baseball cap or a do-rag most of the time or just went ''natural" (bald) with a fake tattoo.. kids loved it.. they were always bringing me tattoo they got out of machines at places..... just know that it does start to come back... mine did about 4 months into it.. i still have chemo weekly and hair has grown about six inches in the last 8 months... and much to my amazment is really really curly and now IM GREY... go figure..lol.
much luck and God Bless

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the day i started my 1st treatment my hubby went to his barber & had his head shaved. then we went to JC Penny Salon & shaved my head to a bur(my hair was half-way down my back!!! they donated it to "Locks of Love") when that started to fall out my hubby shaved the rest of it off with a razor. i live in Texas too & i wear bandanas mostly. i have wigs that i wear to church & "get-togethers". have fun with it & do what feels comfortable to you. don't let anyone tell you that you need to cover your head if YOU don't want to. God bless vicki

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I had a friend shave the rest of my hair off as soon as it started falling out right after my first treatment. I did get a wig from the ACS but I would never wear one again. It was so uncomfortable and itchy in the warm weather, as soon as I would get in my car after church or any function I went to I would whip that thing off I grew to hate it.When my hair started to grow back it just would not stay in place so I just wore a baseball cap.You should do whatever is comfortable for you.
God Bless

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Yes you can shave your head, I did. I was like you I didn't like the sick look either. I felt so much better just shaving it all off. God Bless !!! Karin

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