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I'm still whining about my weight ...

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I found this comment about weight and breast cancer .... if you are interested. It address the thyroid issue too.

Question: I have metastatic breast cancer and am very overweight. To add to the problem, my doctor told me to stop exercising for a while. Do you have any suggestions to help me lose weight?

Answer: It can be very frustrating to struggle with excess, unhealthy weight. This is a common problem with breast cancer patients, who often have slowed metabolism due to cancer medications. Your first course of action is to have your doctor check the function of your thyroid, which is responsible for controlling your metabolic rate. Next, if you are avoiding exercise because of a risk of lymphedema, there are safe exercises that you can do. Contact the National Lymphedema Network at www.lymphnet.org for more information. Finally, you should consult with a health care professional who can guide your safe weight loss and provide overall dietary strategies for optimal health.

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Whoever gave this answer is I believe wrong. People who have METASTATIC breast cancer should not be dieting - getting metastases in remission is the target - weight worries come after the cancer is successfully treated.

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I agree with you that fighting the cancer is primary. Weight problems for vanity sake should not be a concern ... but extra weight and a low thyroid function has been shown to decrease your immune systems abilities and to fight the cancer you need ever drop of help you can get. I did not have metastatic cancer but I did get very out of shape during my treatments and have hypothyroidism that has caused a lot of aches and pains and swelling in all my joints. Many of the survivors here talk of the aches and pains that we attribute to the treatments ... it could be something else. Once I started thyroid meds my aches cleared up within a month. I do think overall health should still be a factor in the treatment of any stage cancer and weight is one of the named risk factors for breast cancer. Don't you think having a healthier body in general could assist in getting the metastases in remission?

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Sounds simple but must I remind you allot of young very healty, very active women some vegetarian that actually get cancer. If this was the case then they shouldn't be getting it in the first place but they are. I think all we can do is take the best care of ourselves minimizing the risks as much as we can. But most of all knowing the risks that we have now that we have beaten cancer. The cure often brings false hope and sometimes women actually think pain is part of the whole cancer thing, when in fact it maybe something that can be treated. We still must be very vigelant about our health and exercise is apart of that good health.
Thanks for sharing the information, does make allot of sense.

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