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bad night

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Hi to all I have had a very bad night. I had a bad reaction to my chemo today. Was at the hospital for about 5 hours. Its a new chemo for me. I got home and my daughter went into labor and I could not go. Very upset about all of this. Its 3:30am and i am waiting for a call about my daughter. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks Judy

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I am sorry you reacted so badly with your new chemo. Always brings us down a notch or two even when there are happier things going on around us. That is too bad that your duaghter's due date is during this time, but soon you will have enough to occupy your mind, with the entry of a new family member, congradulations grandma. I hope you received that call you have been waiting for so you too will know what it is your daughter had.
Congradulations to you and your's,

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I am sorry about your day. Sometimes when it rains it pours!! Today is a new day and I hope it goes much better for you!! Good luck to your daughter as well! Keep you chin up.

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Judy, sorry to hear about your bad night.Just remember to hang tough !!! We are all here for you. Congrats on your new grandchild!!! Best wishes....GodBless,karin

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sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. hope you had a better day today. hope all is well with your daughter. you're in my thoughts and prayers. vicki

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Hi Judy, sorry to hear you had a bad night. Hope you are feeling better today and received good news about your daughter and new grandchild. Congratulations !!!I will say a prayer and keep you in my thoughts. Hang in there , you can do it.
Love Emmi

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I hope you are feeling better and that your daughter came through labor fine. Please let me know.

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Hi Judy....I haven't been online a lot for a few days, and just saw your post today. Are you doing better today? Can they pre-medicate for the reaction you had so you don't have to go through it again? What kind of grandbaby did you get? Keep us posted, and I pray you are doing better. Cyndi

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