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Hi everyone...
Quick question...
Has anyone any experience with dizziness associated with melanoma??

My primary care physician suspects nothing but maybe an acid reflux problem, so I was prescribed Protonix, but that was 3 weeks ago and the dizziness just gets more constant. Don't know what to do here, as he seems bothered to deal with me, so I don't push.

All inputs welcome.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi. I'm almost 3 years out from my last recurrence of melanoma. I've had constant dizziness now for over 8 months. No one has suggested that it may be connected with the melanoma, but the ENT and Neurologist have been unable to diagnose the problem. My oncologist has recently left the area and I'm without one for now. The dizziness is much worse inside buildings, particularly restaurants. It is not bad enough to cause vomiting, but it is bad enough that I have to hold on to someone else to walk, especially late in the day and in shops or restaurants. Is this similar to your experience??

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Hi. My dizziness comes and goes in intensity. I measure it by how well I can stand still with my eyes closed. There are days I shouldn't be driving but do, as things begin to appear surreal. If I walk faster I can usually avoid bumping into things. I've requested an MRI but have been told that they can't provide one for quite some time, due to MRI non-avaialability, but they could do a CT scan (because they just bought a new one), I'd prefer a PET scan (but Oh no, too many false positives). It seems that the medical industry is just too fragmented and under the economic control of insurance companies. But from what I understand they don't even attempt to treat melanoma of the brain.
I pray we don't have it.

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Assuming your onc clears you....see a neurologist. I have similar problems due to spinal (cervical) stenosis.

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I have dizziness too. I develeoped a spinal cord disorder, a seizure disorder and melanoma all in the same few months. I am not sure if they are directly related to each other but obviously my body was in a weakened state to allow these things to ocuurr. I have dizziness, but I beleive it is associated with my spinal cord problems. It may be worth having a neurologist check out your spinal cord. Best regards. Greg

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I was just diagnose with melanoma and have been experiencing dizziness also... But it started after they told me it was cancer.. Maybe it is shock, depression... The fact that you have a million things on your mind.. I know I am overwhelmed.. And very dizzy..

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My dizziness is so bad that i now often
will have to grab ahold of something to
keep from falling down and when i lie in
my bed not even moving i will become dizzy.
Especially when i wake up and get out of
bed or when i try to lean my head backwards
or to the side or move a certain way it hits
me and bam , i could fall if i didn' t grab
ahold of something. Its definately from this
melanoma and probally has gone to the brain.
The doc has ordered an m r i of my brain. We
found a mass on m r i of abdomen in the spleen
and on the ouside of spleen. Was orginally
in my hair line of scalp. A rare form of
melanoma at that. Cellur Blue Nevus Melanoma.
Anybody else have this problem and have it
go to there brain?
pls respond.

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