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Hi all. Thank you for your words of encouragement the last time I sent a message.
I'm 2 1/2 yrs out of stem cell transplant for Advanced Stage III breast cancer. I am a single mother of a 9 yr. old & April 8th, started a full time job. The doctors don't know if I can handle a full time job but I don't want to stay on disability either. I tire very easily & will have a below normal immune system the rest of my life. I take vitamins but they don't seem to help much.
Any suggestions on what would give me more energy during the day? I feel guilty about not being able to do more things with my daughter. I'm just pooped at the end of a work day. Melody

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Hi Melody, glad you are trying to work, do the best you can. If you can't handle it ,then quit. I feel for you.Are you eating well ? When I get tired (I am getting chemo right now) I find eating high protein foods help me feel better. I eat alot of Tunafish, cottage cheese and crave salads. My bloodwork is always good, maybe the tuna/cottage cheese cmbo.has something to do with it. Bananas &Gatorade(Lime) is good also,helps with the energy level. Hope you get better, if you wanna talk, we are here for you. Love Emmi

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To Emmi:

Wondering what chemo you are on this time with the two weeks on and two off - probably you mentioned it somewhere - forgive me, I don't want to search thru old messages.

Thanks - good Luck to you too - 'almost' neighbor!

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Hi Melody,
My Oncologist put me on a vitamin regimen that has changed my life. I take the following every day: a multi-vitamin, 800mg vitamin E, 500 mg vitamin C, 1000 miligrams calcium, 100mg selenium. This is the first time in my life I have gone a complete winter without catching one virus, cold or flu bug. I also have cut out milk and red meat. I eat tons of organic fruits and vegi's everyday. Not sure if this will help your energy but it may help your immune system. It wouldn't hurt to ask your doctor about this vitamin 'cocktail'. Good luck I hope your feeling better soon!!!!

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