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ovarian cancer + ca 125

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Iwas diagnosed with ovarian cancer 3 years ago. I had the radical hysterectomy and chemo.My ca 125 blood tests came back as normal until the last year when it began to fluctuate between 56 and 105. so far my cat scans have come back negative, but I am still worried because of the numbers on the blood test. has anyone out there had the same experience and do you know if theres any other reason for the counts to fluctuate like this. I feel fine but am very puzzled.any information will be appreciated. thankd

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I don't know specifically what else causes elevated CA125 levels, but I do know that the real problem with it as a test to find ovca is that it is very unreliable. There are people with ovca whose CA125 levels are not elevated, but there are also people with elevated CA125 who *do not* have ovca. So nobody quite knows what the count can mean.
It must be terribly worrisome. I would be awfully scared myself, I think. But pleas remember that the meaning of CA125 counts is unclear. That's why researchers are still looking for more reliable ways to detect ovca.

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thank you for replying and giving me some encouragement. if there is anyone out there with this same experience I would like to hear from you

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Hi--I had a germ cell tumor last year and my CA 125 fluctuates between 0 and 15. My oncologist said its ok if its stays between 0 and 15 and that it will fluctuate. The last three months my CA 125 has been 4 but it was 3 and dropped to 2 at one point. It's hard not to worry but try and stay positive and have faith in your doctors and yourself.


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At a lecture given by a GYN Cancer specialist from City of Hope, I was told not to depend only on the CA-125 as a marker for checking on the return of Ovarian Cancer. The MD said in addition to CA-125, he also checks CA-19-9 and CEA. I am now having all three markers done on a regular basis. Since your CA-125 is fluctuating, why not ask fort hese additional markers to be checked?

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