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Hi everyone and to luna20

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Hi Everyone,
I want to introduce myself. I am a first timer at ACS. About a month and a half ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. I am 25. I am now in my second neoajuvent chemo treatment.
I was using AT but the drug was to heavy for me and I was hospitalized. This second time around, my oncologist decided to change AT to AC. With AC I think the nausea side effect is more intense. Just want to let Luna20 know, hang in there! I am too. I am experiencing the same thing, I had my AC last Tuesday.
My doctors told me that second chemo should be easier because you learn what to expect from the first time. Make sure you eat right when you feel like eating and keep up your energy but walking alittle each day when you feel like you are able to.
I hope you will feel better soon. And yes, don't forget to take Zofran, I find it easier when I did. Also, a cancer survivor came by my house yesterday and told me that the more liquid we drink the quicker the side effects will go away. so i really really wish you well soon.

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I took Zofran too through my whole ordeal but it didn't help at all. I would throw-up before I went into the doctor's office. He would say, what am I to do with you, you're sick before I give you the chemo! I knew what was coming I guess. Take care. God Bless

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hi marytres,
i dont get sick before i go in for chemo, i read that when someone vomits before the chemo is due to anxiety. And there are times when i am sitting at home and i have such anxiety just thinking the scene of getting the chemo. and thinking about getting hospitalied (that's what happened to me after my first chemo)....did the doctor do anything advice for the anxiety? thanks for your reply

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You are so young also. I am 30, was diagnosed when I was 29 and pregnant. Thank God even though I am pregnant I am still able to take Zofran. I think it has helped alot. What other treatments do you expect to get after your AC? Well, I wish you the best and God Bless.

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