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in need of prayer and reassurance

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i am going in on tuesday the 21st for mammogram after surgery chemo and radiation i am a little on the nervous side so please pray for me.....thankis kellt

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Hi, kellt, you can be assured you are in my prayers. I know that all will be well and as we all know, if the cancer does recurr, other than a blasted nuisance, you are no worse off in life expectancy than you were at first diagnosis, it just means they did not get all the cells. No big deal (except to us). We are all here for you and I will pray mightily for you tonight. God bless you, Hugs, your sister, Shirlann

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Hi Kelli,
I have mine Tuesday morning as well, the first time after the original dx. I will pray for you and send many happy thoughts your way!! Ours will both turn out great!!

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My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Hi Kelli,
I will be praying for you as you go for your mamo that all is well.I know what you mean I get so nervous everytime I have to go for any test.Let us know how you make out.
God Bless

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Dear Kelli-- I am new to this site. The past two years I have battled both breast and cervical cancer. I have had chemo and radiation with the radiation implants. I go for my mammogram the 10th of June and I am nervous also but my last one came out good and they advised me to have a mammagram every six months. My prayers are with you and stay strong. Keep looking up and keep the faith in your heart. love Sallyj

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Dear Kelli,
I will be praying for you. I understand about being fearful when facing these tests. God loves you so much, and He is always with you. Lean on Him. Let us know how things go.
Love, Jayne

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I will also be praying for you that you have a clear mammo...i know how you feel I am also going for my first one june 5,which is one year and one day after finding out i had CANCER !!!! I am scared toooooo..I think its something we will deal with now for the rest of our lives !!!we just have to pray that our cancer never returns ! god bless.....karin

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Kelli -- will pray for you (and Carlye) as well. I just had my one year scans and know the anxiety you are feeling. We are rejoicing at the good news and answered prayers we received -- will pray your family receives the same good news. Let us know how it goes.


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Hi Kellt....I was recently where you are now. I had my first post-treatment mammo May 1st. They called the next day to say it was normal. I have a feeling when you've had cancer, they don't want to make you wait long for the results. I was told after the fact that if there is a radiologist there that day, that you can request it be read while you wait. I don't know if that works everywhere or not, but it's worth asking. I will pray for you to have a clean mammo. Try to focus on the fact you have done everything humanly possible to make sure the cancer is gone. Please let us know how it comes out. If you need to chat, write any time. God bless, Cyndi millionairs2@aol.com

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