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Reoccurrence Question

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A friend I met through chemo has just found out that her cancer is back. They had first thought it was scar tissue, but unfortunately its not. Her first time around she did A/C I think, no radiation and is not taking tamoxifen. Anyway, my question is, what chemo do you think they will use now, I know she is not er+ nor does she have the Her2Neu gene. Any thoughts or has this happened to anyone else. I was er and her2neu positive, so I'm on tamoxifen. Our oncologist told me I was the lucky one, eventhough I really did not want to take it, I guess she was right. Thanks

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That's interesting - no radiation and no tamoxifen.
The next chemo will probably be taxol or taxotere which used to only be used for recurrence until the last couple of years.

I had radiation which I was sorry I did because of the increased pains I did not have before radiation and I HATE the effects of tamoxifen - mostly the fatigue. I think it does cause the fatigue because so many other women say the same thing.

My oncologist tells me also: Do not stop the tamoxifen. I have the same as you ER and HER2 - both positive.

Let's hope your friend has success with her new treatment.

Best wishes, Jean

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Hi, I am Emmi. This is my second time around. Had BC 98, ER neg., Modified radical mastectomy, 6 rounds of chemo, CAF protocol. Now I had BC in the other breast, a new cancer, lumpectomy, 6 weeks radiation and as of today 6-8 month of chemo. CMF protocol, 2 weeks on two weeks off. ER neg., Her2 neu pos. I am postmenopausal. Had my first chemo today, feel very tired , got Zofran for the nausea and that has worked so far. Hope this helps, if you have any question you can contact me. Best wishes....Emmi

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I too am ER +, her2neu +. My DR says ER+ is good because it indicates what the cancer "feeds" on ... the estrogen. Block the estrogen and it starves. So ... ER+ is a good thing. Your friend will probably get Taxol or Tamoxifen ... I think Herceptin is for ner2neu patients. I wish her the best of luck and as always my thoughts are with all ... good luck. Jamie

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My name is Cheryl. I had BC in 12, 2000. I had 4 A/C with radiation and tamoxifen. I was HR neg. and er pr neg or what ever that is called anyway like your friend all was negative. I noticed some changes starting in 8, 2001. The doc didn't find anything until Jan 2002. 13 months after first dx. I had a bilaterial mastectomy in March. I had a reoccurance in orginal site as well as 12 postive nodes out of 14 on opposite side and BC on other side. I have just completed 2nd round of taxotere which is what your friend will probably be getting. I am interesting in finding out what they do with her since she is in the same situation as I am. Would like to hear from you. My email is satterfieldcheryl@hotmail.com I do not know how to get emails at this site.

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Hi cheryl,

So sorry you are having all this extra treatment from recurrence. My very best wishes for good, LASTING results this time.

Someone can email you or you to someone by clicking on under the icon "send email" instead of clicking on 'reply' - you find these direct to the site emails to the right of the window - it will say "you have one new message in your mail box".


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I am i recurrence after a 19 year break. The usual chemo to use after A/C is Taxol ot Taxotere. It is the one that usually gets the best results. After that it depends on the oncologists prefernce but usually the next one is Xeloda. I have just finished Taxotere & in partial remission. My oncologist reckons 6 months before I need any more treatment as I am stage 4. He will try Xeloda next. Hope this helps.
Love & hugs

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