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Life after bone-marrow transplantation

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Hi everyone. I wished that I had known about this web site 6 years ago when I went through the procedure. I might've made things a little less scary for me. I still go through some fears at times like not finding someone who can really relate on how it really is to live life after surviving leukemia and everything that goes along with it. I do hope that there are those out there like myself. At least I know that I won't be alone anymore.

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You're certainly not alone! I went through leukemia and a bone marrow transplant 5 years ago, and I still think about it all the time. It is very hard to talk about cancer experiences with people who haven't lived through it. I do find that talking about it is very important and therapeutic.

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Dear kmclghln,

I couldn't agree with you more. At times I feel that everything I have encountered has some sort of added intensity (for lack of a better term). I also see how other people can walk around oblivious to how at any given time things can change. All I know that for now, I enjoy every minute I have and have learned [sometimes the hard way ;)] to not let anything spoil it. Thanks for responding! Angel

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Dear kmclghln,

My sister went through leukemia and bone marrow transplant 3 years ago, she is doing very well so far, i would like to hear from you how are you doing so far?


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I too am glad I found this web-site. My son,
age 21, diagnoised with aml last day of May.
He has had one round of chemo, goes soon to
get another 5 days of it, and finally a stem
cell transplant, with his sister, age 23,as
his doner.We are all scared to death, but,
he is such a trooper; so upbeat with a great
attitude. How old are you, and how are you
doing now? How long since your transplant?

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My son was diagnosed with AML in 11/95 and had a transplsnt from his mom in 6/96 at age 7. He is now 14 and although it has been a tough road for our family, he has had many late effects from such intense chemo, he is cured and has many enjoyable activities in his life.It is very hard to relate to family and friends what we 3 have been through, only others that have been there can relate.Keep your sense of humor and be your son's strongest advocate.A little faith in whatever your religion might be won't hurt That is why it is important for survivors and their families to communicate in forums such as this site. My son is alive and 20 years ago it would have been an automatic
death sentence. Don' hesitate to reply back to me.

dickl ( Dick)

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Sorry that I have taken so long to respond to your message. It now has been almost seven years since the BMT and I have been diagnosed as being completely remissed since 1999. I've gone back to college part-time which is why I haven't gotten back to anyone who responede to my messages last May. You must be very happy with your son's recovery. I also share in your happiness. I'm also sure that this coming new year will reveal more how precious and wonderful life is after coming through ordeals like ours. May God bless you all. Angel.

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i just came across your posting which was several years ago and your story is very similiar to my sisters.. she is 19 and was diagnosed a month ago and is going to get a stem cell transplant from one of our other sisters next month.. she also has a great attitude and is being upbeat about it.. her only thing is that basically she is being told for the next 9 months pretty much wont be certain she can do much, go to the mall etc in case of infection... can you tell me more about your sons experience?

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Hi all,

I was diagnosed on 5/20/00 at the age of 41 with AML. I had a bone-marrow transplant from an unrelated donor, met her once in Minneapolis, MN, and will travel there to stay with her and her husband in Superior, WI next month. I am doing well and feel like I was never sick.
Nice to meet all of you....

Cathy, Newburgh, NY

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Had my transplant Otober 1987, this was to stop my Acute Myloid Leukaemia coming back, I was 27 years old then.

Health and life been pretty good till recently.

Had a Triple Heart Bypass 6 months ago.

Currently being treated for low testosterone levels.

I hope to be still around for at least another 25 years.

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