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Ukrain is a great alternative

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comination or an old chemo and plant alkaloid. tumor enzymes break it down and the Trojan horse takes Troy. check it out on Pubmed (medline.) God Bless

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You lost me and I think I am a little more advanced than the average bear. Could you expand on your email for those of us that don't have a clue as to what this means?
It looks interesting but I have no way of accessing anything you listed, do I?
Thanks in advance.

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ok. it is a compound made from a plant alkaloid and thiotepa, an old chemo. the tumor cells have an enzyme that breaks it into its component parts, so the tumor, and not healthy tissue, gets the brunt of the treatment. check out pubmed (medline) for more info. They are using this drug in the Ukraine, hence it's name. Atkins uses it in his alternative clinic, too.

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Your message is incomplete.Could you send it again?Thanks

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