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squamousal cancer

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I have squamousal cancer in the neck area with an unknown primary. I have been told it is caused by smoking drinking and or a virus.I have also just read it is caused by rays from the sun. Anyone with more info?

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I too had squamous cell carcinoma of the neck. My primary was my right tonsil and it spread to my right lymphnode. I had 39 radiations treatments and 6 chemos.(one each week) My treatment started Jan 16,2002. My cancer is completely gone and I go for my 3 month checkup at the end of june. I know it look like a huge hurdle to overcome but hang in there...it only gets better. Good luck.Peter

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I also had squamous cell cancer in my neck, in my lymphnodes. They found the primary at the base of my tounge. I don't smoke and drink very little. The doctors said that they don't know what causes it. I had surgery in Sept. of 1999 and 63 radiation treatments after. All my check-ups have been clear and I am back to normal except for dry mouth caused by radiation.

The cure rate is good, so hang in there.

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Skippy, I don't know about that. I had mine
on my tongue at the base 11 years ago.
How are you doing?

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