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I'm new here

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My name is Mia. I'm 34 and I was recently diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. No one in my family has had cancer, so I'm looking for people to talk to and share experiences with.

It looks like I'm going to get both chemotherapy and radiation, starting in the next few weeks.

"There is in us something wiser than our head."

- Schopenhauer

"What wisdom can we find that is greater than kindness?"

- Jean Jacques Rousseau

Don't hesitate to write.


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Im Charley, a prostate cancer survivor. Someone on the discussion page here has recently had same type of cancer as you, just had surgery in past week. I cant remember her name, but if you scan the messages, you will find her. E-mail me anytime! Charley!

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You will do just fine!
Biggest help was having the knowledge that regardless of the types of cancer, I always had the opportunity to contact members who shared the same experience. Family and friends don't have the same perspective necessairly. In all honesty, it frightened them more than me -- they hoped for me and themselves that it would JUST GO AWAY. It didn't but the more I knew about it -- the less it controlled me.
Research the cancer and treatments, don't let any sense of panic inhibit you. The more you know, the more we deal with a situtation. I believe Winston Churchill was the one who said " the only thing we have to fear is fear itself".
Write anytime.

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Mia, I am proof that Nasopharygeal cancer can be beat! I just signed in today and wish I would have found this site sooner. I have had both radiation and chemo and today I have been cancer free for 8 months. This doesn't mean I have 100% of my health....I am still suffering quite a bit from the effects of the treatments. Hang in there and write me soon.

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Hi, I'm new to the site and I am a Nasopharyngeal cancer survivor. Can we compare side effects from treatment? I really don't know what to expect.

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