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PSA Levels

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I have a brother who has just found out his PSA is 4.1. Dr. has suggested a wait and see for a month. At what point did your Drs. urge further investigation? Is 4.1 considered high, normal high? I would appreciate any information you might share.
Thanks, Marcia

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PSA levels vary with each man. What is normal for one may be a little high for another yet, how high is it as compared to previous PSA levels? I assume there were none.? Doctors look for a radical or rapid change in the TREND of PSA tests. If this is the first test for your brother, it may not be a problem but should be monitered closely. Prostate cancer is supposedly slow growing yet, he does not want to wait or do nothing! Once it spreads out of the prostate the treatements and options are worse.
In my case I am 57 (58 this month) and was running above 2.0 and creeping up a minute amount every six months then, it jumped 4+ points (7.62)in approx 60-90 days.
We treated it with antibotics for a month to determine if it was merely a bladder or urinary infection. At the end of the month it was unchanged. We then did the biopsy and determined prostate cancer. (two opinions)
My case was such that I had the option of choosing the type of treatment after much research. Not everyone I understand is suitable for some treatments due to various factors.
Meanwhile, I went on hormone therapy. It supposedly eliminates the food this cancer grows on (testertrone), shrinks the prostate and is believed to make the cancer cell more vulnerable to future radiation treatment if that is the choice.
I chose radiated seed implant - there are other courses of treatment available - the one that is best for your brother IF, he has cancer are between his doctors and HIMSELF mainly, not what we others chose.
If, your brother would like to discuss the various options there are many contributors tauting their success and methods of treatment and all of us are more than willing to discuss any questions / concerns or things we experienced. DON'T PANIC. There is a lot of data available. Research it on the internet and through the Amer.Cancer Site. They too are able, willing and responsive to any questions.All we survivors can impart is what we experienced.
Good Luck

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Hi Marcia,

I think the level depends on the patient. The Dr. told me that even tho 4.0 might be a little high that if it did not continue to elevate he would not consider the need to do a biopsy. Mine did however, and the biopsy turned up positive. I'm sure your physician is taking what he considers to be the best avenue.

The biopsy procedure is not all that uncomfortable however, and your Brother should not hesitate should the Dr. recommend it.

My company circulated a really good article on Prostate Cancer today. It contains some good knowledge to have, just in case. Let me know if you would like for me to send it to you.

Good luck to your Brother,


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My first biopsy was when my PSA had reached 5.1 after rising slowly from 4.7 over a couple of months. When I had the 1st biopsy the doctor told me that I had an unusually large prostate for my age. He told me that it was nothing to worry about,but because of the size I would have a higher PSA. After 2 years of continuously rising numbers, and numerious biopsies,(7) the cancer was located. As you have already heard, there is no magic number. Just tell your brother to keep up with the test that the doctors recommend, research, and feel free to contact others. There are many choices as to what he will feel is best for him.
Good Luck to you and your brother,

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Hi...I have researched this cancer quite intensively over the last 2 and a half years..my husband has it.....and his is incurable. A PSA of 4.1 is considered marginally higher than normal....though your PSA should be nil. An enlarged prostate or water infection can cause the PSA to rise to this level. PSA levels can rise to as much as 'in the thousands'. My husbands PSA upon diagnosis was 87.. along with a DRE (digital rectal examination)and Biopsy results....he has a Gleason of 9 and his tumor is T3/4..
Watch and wait is very very normal for prostate cancer....as it is usually so slow growing. How old is your brother?? This is also relevent! Take care Marcia!!

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Hi, it seems that every urologist has their own opinion of when to get a biopsy with a PSA over 4.0. You will find that male family physicians are not very agressive and that female family physicians will send you off to an urologist for a biopsy immediately when they get a PSA test result higher than normal. I would suggest you get a second opinion from a physician in another not related clinic. You can read my story at http://www.prostatepointers.org/seedpods/gaarder.html if you so desire. It can also be found at http://pages.prodigy.net/dgaarder

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Hi Marcia, Please email me back as soon as you can, I would like to talk to you. My name is Dave at rapiddavid@yahoo.com

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Biopsied in 2011 after PSA 6.something.  Diagnosed cancer, Gleason 7.  Had chosen watchful waiting as father had, I'm told, lived into his early 80's with prostate cancer.  Also, by 2011 at age 54, quality of life and gratitude for the time I'd had were factors in choice of watchful waiting.  No close family or children were also factors I imagine.  

Now 2021, I'm 64, just PSA tested 38 (down from 44, apparently because of Finasteride which can cause lowered PSA readings).  Only symptoms so far have been BPH.  

Have always enjoyed exercise and still hike n bike, (I know, bicycle seats, eh? ...but love to ride).  Vegetarian for 25 years.

Everyone's experience is different.  Just sharing mine as the info may help others.  


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Dear sShmalan,

Finiastaride halves the PSA results, which doubles the PSA numbers that you shared. The PSA trend is an indicator.  The results of your biopsy back in 2011, as you know showed a  a low intermediate cancer. During the last 10 years the bandit has had the ability to grow.

There is a difference between Active Surveillance and Watchful waiting. Active surveillance is for younger healthier men where the cancer is monitored to determine when and if treatment is necessary.  I have been in an Active Surveillance program since 2009. Watchful waiting is different...it is for the old infirmed man where treatment is not necesarily pursued.

I suggest that you make an appointment with a medical oncologist, hopefully one who specializes in prostate cancer, and is best qualified to evaluate and manage your case. A medical oncologist is always the leader of ones medical team, and is the expert in treating with drugs to slow progression of the "bandit".

Please feel free to ask any  questions that you wish. I and others at this board are here for you.



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Hopeful and Optimistic gave a wonderful overview of your results and A.S./ vs W.W. generally.   As the Budweiser commercial always said, 'Know When to Say When.'  Clinically, When seems to have arrived,

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