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I'm 1 yr.post-chemo. Feeling good. Had a modified radical, no reconstruction in 1/2001.Followed with AC chemo.Tumor was stage 2-3,ER+ Currently on Tamoxifen.

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Welcome to this wonderful site where you will find all kinds of support. Your case sounds exactly like mine, only I am a 2 year survivor of the same type of tumor and also currently on tamoxifen. Are you having any problems with the tamoxifen? I am still having the hot flashes, but they are getting fewer than before. I do have a lot of anixiety and am not sure if that comes from the tamoxifen or not. My Dr. wants to put me on paxil, but I have not given in to it as of yet. I am doing great otherwise, and thank God every day for my life. Take care. Lucy

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Hello, and welcome to the group! My name is Cyndi, I'm 8 months post-surgery...lumpectomy & sentinel node procedure....stage 1. I'm a stickler for those routine mammos...that's what found mine. I had 33 radiation treatments. Other than tough skin, I'm doing fine. You should find a lot of support here....the women have been phenominal in helping with problems, or just chatting when you need to. I'm so glad you're feeling good. How is the tamoxifen? I've been on it since December, and am melting from the hot flashes!!I told my onc I would just deal with it. I live in FL most of the year, but am going to Michigan for the summer, and didn't want to start one of the antidepressants used for hot flashes if I wasn't going to be here for her to monitor me on it. Well, keep us informed with how you're doing, and if you ever need or want to chat, feel free to e-mail me. Best wishes, Cyndi millionairs2@aol.com

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Hi, I am also new to the list. Not quite one year since diagnosis. Also, mod radical with no reconstruction, chemo and now tamoxifen.
My yearly mamo is coming up and I am aprehensive about it. Family problems and alot of stress are getting my positive energy down too. Maybe, I'm having one of those days.
Glad you are feeling good!
write again,

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