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need financial and caregiver suggestions

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my mother in law has breast cancer that has spread through out her back now. she had to quit her job do to complications etc. my father in law had his own business, but is going to have to close it to care for his wife. he recently interviewed for a job so he could get on an insurance plan to get him and my mother in law covered (because her cobra will only last 18 months). ANY advice on what they could do for caregiver help or financial aid? she has been 5 yrs to live so hospice is out of the question correct? i would appreciate any assistance. thank you all in advance.

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I don't know how old your mother in law is but they should check with social security. there may be a way to get her on SSI and then she would get medicaid with it. That is what my ex-husband had to do. Through the hospital the social worker did the paper work. and they can suggest care giver info to. I don't know what state your in we are in Fl. My friend and her husband had to get a divorce for her to get the help they needed. Hope this helps.

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