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I could use some help...

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I'm new to this. I just found out last night my Mom has uterine cancer. She's 62 years old. I'm her daughter. I'm married and 35 years old. I guess I'm just looking for information about uterine cancer. My mother has never had children; my brother and I are both adopted. She started spotting around 6 months ago. Life got busy, and she put off going to the Dr. She is going to have a hysterctomy and they are removing her overies also. Once that is done they will biopsy her lymnph nodes to see if there is cancer there. I'm sure I sound stupid, because I don't know anything about this. Could someone fill me in? I've probably gone through an entire rain forest's worth of paper tonight printing info. from the web. I thought this might help me more. Thank you.

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Hi, luvmom. Your info sounds almost exactly like mine, only it was me rather than my mom. You can click on my name & read my personal web page and/or you can e-mail me. I am convinced that you are off to a good start by "doing your homework!" I find comfort in knowing that today we are very sophisticated in medical knowledge & the successes are groundwork for hope! My work now is trying to deal with my feelings about the whole thing & how my life has changed, is changing & will change. I have already gained a lot of help with that by just reading these posted messages. Keep growing & learning & know that I and others are here to help out in any way we can & will be thinking good thoughts for you & your mom!

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I am 43 years old. I went to the emergency room on November 20th in alot of pain. They had a hard time getting a blood pressure reading, eventually it read 108/40. My hemoglobin was 7.41. They admitted me immediately and because of the problems I had been having scheduled me for a hysterectomy the next day. The gyn nixed that and decided to do a D&C and a hysterscopy (sp?). They found cancer of the endometrium. They told me this on my birthday. After two more blood transfusions (on top of the two I had already had) and a CT scan, the did the hysterectomy. My lymph nodes were clean, but they saw some possible "lymphatic and vascular invasion". So I am now undergoing radiation treatments, I had my third today, 25 more to go. It all happened so fast and my family was so upset, that I never had time to get upset myself. The hardest thing was getting over the surgery for the first few weeks, especially coughing and getting up or laying down. I felt great about the 5th week after surgery, better than I had in years, but now the radiation makes me tired and a little nauseous at times. I wish your mother the best with her surgery.

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As of May 4th, 2003 I will be a 6 year survivor of Uterine Cancer. Just wanted you to know there's life after Uterine Cancer. The recovery process is slow but it takes time. I like Fran Drescher was missed diagnosed until I went to the right doctor and thank God he saved my life. Best of health to you and you're in my prayers.

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I'm just recovering from a radical hysterectomy and all the associated exploratory and biopsy gathering surgery. I've got Stage 2, Grade 3 endometrial cancer. All other biopsies are cancer free (including 55 lymph nodes).
Can you tell me what cancer you had and what treatment you went through, especially since you've passed the 5 year mark that seems so important in all the statistics I read.
I've had radiation recommended for me and am very hesitant about going ahead with it, because of the negative side effects.

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This is so encouraging. Please let me know more. Thank you. I had my surgery 2.5 months ago. The fear is always there even though my doctor thinks my prognosis is excellent.

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luvmom I know that this is a difficult time for you,but be brave.My mom died 3 years ago and it still is not easy.She had stage 4 cancer,was 80 years old and put off going to the dr.,she was scared and never mentioned it to me.I live in ca. and she was in n.y.Learn all you can about this,I carried a note book and wrote EVERYTHING down.DON'T let the drs. bully you,demand answers,be assertive,do your research....I spent hours on the computer at the hospital while my mother rested.Have your family be involved and know what drugs are being given and why and what for.I also "sneaked" long looks at her chart & made notes from that too.Her oncologists were very impressed with all my"snooping",and respected me for my aggressive attitude and protective care of mom.I also had 2 brothers and father that were scared,so it was all left to me.Follow your gut instincts when it comes to what YOU need to know and be there as much as possible for Mom and your family.I stayed a month in n.y.,my job was waiting and my family understood.I emailed my children at college and my cell phone bill that month was huge!You did not sound stupid....I hope that things are better now...I wish that I had known about this then.Please write back and let me know how all is going and particularly how you are doing.Take care of yourself.

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