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new to site, awaiting third rnd. adriamycin

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hello, my name is laura and i am hoping to gain support thru this site. i am stage 3b
but i am a fighter. i have a jillion brothers and sisters and a boyfriend to help
but i need to connect with surviors in "real time". i anticipate exchanging ph. #'s with
new friends. i have heard a lot about some of you from my mate, eric. he has just now succeeded in urging me to this site. he tells me many of you wonder if i am real.
well, if we gain each others confidence, then i would gladly exchange phone #'s to
prove that. now, eric feels better and so do i! laura

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Hello there,
My name is Angel and I am also awaiting my 3rd round of AC. I would love to chat with you. If you click on my name you can read my story. You can email thruough this site or email me at my main email address. ahaney@elp.rr.com God Bless you and I look foward to talking to you.

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We are so glad your best mate was there for you in your time of need. Even better he convinced you to check us out yourself. He is a good mate for sure, thanks Eric.
I am 5 year survivor of stage 3 with 11 our of 21 positive nodes. I think you need to see that others have survived just as you will too. It isn't easy and that is a fact and often times you will wonder if it is all worth it but I can assure you anytime our lives can be prolonged is a good thing. My son has changed so much in the 5 years since I have been surviving that I am so fortunate to have lived to see these days. That has made it all worth it.
Glad you found us and I hope you will find it as much of as a help and comfort as I have.
Be good to yourself, say hi to Eric

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DEar Laura, Hi. welcome .. i too was told I was in stage 3.. tumror on left sie about size of golf ball.. i wonder everyday how come i never forund it till when id i did..it has been little over a year for me.. found it on st pattys day a year ago.. I have 3 more (17 total treatments) of chemo to get thur.. did 35 days of radiaton that almost did me in..!! lol. but i survived that... i work everyday and on everyother weekend at second job..have 5 kids . a home dogs, and a home and hubby... life is full .. im expecting to have a good summer this year..taking my fist vacaiton in two years.. if you dont feel comfy with phone nubmers ihave every instant message program know to man.. yahoo, msn, aol and ICQ.. of whihc icq is my fav..email at ribbitfrog13@icqmail. com and let me know what you feel most comfy with......good luck and God bless. Jerilyn

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adriamycin - been there done that. How's it going? I went through treatment three years ago at age 32 and am now doing quite well so far. You sound young so I thought I'd respond to see if I can help in any way.

Keep the faith! Beth

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hi laura,
its just me. hope you are having a good day! eric

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Hi Laura, and welcome to the site! You will find lots of support here...there are some great women here. What's your next step after the adriamycin? My cancer was caught by a routine mammo at stage 1, so I didn't go the chemo route, but had radiation. I certainly wish you well, and have no doubt that if you keep a positive attitude, and stay determined to win this fight, you will win!!! Thoughts and prayers, Cyndi

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