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hi i am 23 year old male who has recently had a tumor remove from my brain i was looking for others who had expierenced this. i did not have anyone there for me the whole time

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Hi Paul

I am sorry to hear that you had to go through your ordeal alone. Have you recovered fully now? Any lingering side effects? I had a tumor removed from my brain in December 1999. Had two operations to remove it and one to put in a shunt to drain fluid. I think I have recovered 95% but I sometimes worry about it coming back. I'm told it's not the kind that grow back but who knows, it could show up else where. Please feel free to write to me at rgkarugu@yahoo.com if you have questions. I can also be reached at nomadpartners_2000@yahoo.com. The first one is much better though.
Rose Gathira

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I also had a brain tumor, altough mine was unoperable. Sorry, to hear you had to take your journey alone. Every one should have someone to share their experience with. Talking about helps the healing process. I would love to talk to you, anytime you want or need. E-mail me at btraffor@tampabay.rr.com

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Hi paul, my name is Mike. I am 26years old and have been living with brain cancer since 1997. I see it has been several months since your surgery. I am very interested to find out how you are doing. If you like, my address is mike_price25@hotmail.com . I hope everything is going well for you.

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Hi Paul, I hope things have turned for the better and you are recovering well. I am 27 and I am starting to have pains behind my right ear. Don't know if those are symptoms or not, but I am definitly going to have it checked out.

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I had a brain tumor removed Oct 14, 2002. My website at tells my story. I too would be glad to talk/help

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Hi Paul. My name is David and I had Anaolastic Astrocytoma in 1998. After going through surgery,radiation,and chemo I am looking forward to doing several more things. There is always hope through Jesus Christ and I hope you know him. If you would like to talk to me my e-mail address is daddydave52@aol.com

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