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AC and menopause

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I've had two cycles of AC and my periods are still coming like clockwork. I'm 45 and was expecting the chemo to halt things at least temporarily, but probably permanently. How was it for those of you that were premenopausal when you started AC? Thanks, FC

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One can say that nothing is a definite everyone is different and there are cases where it doesn't affect women in this way. Just like very likely you will loose your hair but odd one doesn't it seems. Statistics are amazing aren't they but do they always paint a clear picture, NOT.
I was meno and then all over the place after chemo. Now 5 years later must be meno again isn't this fun, hated the 3 week periods though. Remember to give your body the best chances of all and keep your nutritional level and water levels way up, flush that right out of your blood. I do hope you are one that doesn't go through the wonder years.
Be good to yourself,

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I had my last period after my 2nd chemo AC treatment ... 12/2000 ... has not returned. I was 43. I guess it all depends on the person. Good luck with your treatments. Jamie

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When I did AC ,after the second treatment I went into menopause and I am being kept in menopause with tamoxifen and Lupron. I guess this is one good part of all this ,,right??? lol..lol..Best of Luck and God Bless. karin

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I got my period the day of my surgery, 1/17/01, had my first AC February 7, never got a period again. I was 47. That was the plus side of it... good luck, carol

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Dear FC. chemo halted my periods right after my hair fell out after second treatment.... that was over a year ago..and i will be on chemo for another 3 months..and my hair has come back and for the last two months my periods have returned.. JUST MY LUCK the ONLY good thing I had come out of this whole ordeal IE: NO PERIOD.. and now it has come back.. lol..ah such is life.. good luck with it... Jerilyn --44 year old mom of 5...

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